Breaking news: They are about to hijack your mind

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You see the ticker go across the screen.

Your heart slowly starts picking up speed…

…then skips a beat.

Untitled design(4)

What now?

And then it starts to play out.

Step by step they follow the “secret” strategy for controlling the masses.

You are thrown you off balance…

Left emotionally crippled.

So that you will easily accept what is around the next turn.

And what will that be? Whatever their is agenda is!

It’s not a conspiracy theory…

These types of strategies are being deployed against you every day.

Just take for example this News Article that popped up on my Facebook feed today:

A New Your Daily News Article with the headline…


A policy tool… that’s a nice way of saying your mind just got infiltrated to pass the government’s agenda.

Former US President Franklin D. Roosevelt said it best…

“In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.”

The question you need to ask yourself is…

What is the ultimate plan?


This is exactly why I created my brand new program, The Propaganda Switch.

To expose the “secret” strategy being used against you-to hijack your mind – because knowledge is the first step to overcoming the abuse.

But that is not enough.

There is a critical second step you need to have if you want to stop their attempts dead in their tracks and that is…

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The Lazy Man’s way to Succeed

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The self development market is huge.

We spend billions of dollars a year…

…going to conferences…

…buying the latest books…

…and hiring coaches….

To try and get ahead. To become the best we can be.

The problem is…

You feel great when going through the material, and completing the exercise. Only a few days later to back to square one.

99% of the time it doesn’t stick.


Even worse is…

When you jump to the next big thing and start the cycle all over again.

Do you know what I mean?

I have heard this time and time again from thousands of our clients. They get involved with The Keys To Yes, Persuasion Factor or one of my other programs and start to see their income explode.


They write in to tell us how great they are doing.Then a few months later we receive another email that says something like…

“Kenrick, I’m not sure what’s wrong. The skills and strategies you taught me put me in a whole new income bracket – but then all of a sudden things started to go south. One problem after another started to happen and now I’m right back where I started. Do you know what is happening?”

I struggled how to respond to these emails for many years. I knew what the answer was but it’s not something people want to hear.

It’s the same reason that so many Lottery winners, are flat broke not long after winning their Millions. Their unconscious mind doesn’t react well to change…

So it keeps running on the same old patterns based on where they were previous to their success.

And just like a stretched rubber band, it brings them back. SNAP!

That sting hurts even more…

When you had a small taste of success.

Truthfully, every-time I hear this it makes me sick.

My stomach gets tied up in knots…

Because I didn’t have a solution.

So, it lit a fire under my ass to find one for you…

One that allows you to easily change those old patterns that your unconscious mind is running and primes it with a new track allowing you to become the person you always wanted to be.

It took many years and a lot of trial and error.


But I’m not one to brag (ok maybe just a little), and what I came up with is phenomenal.

Life changing.

One of the achievements I am most proud of.

Not only because of the hundreds of emails we receive about The Power Of Being transforming lives…

But because just how easy it is to start seeing those changes… all without much effort.

If you can decide just who you want to “BE” and listen to a 30 minute audio (Nero-Imprinting™ Session) once a day for a month, then I GUARANTEE you’ll see results.

(It really is the Lazy Man’s Way To Succeed)

Click the link below, watch the presentation, and pick up The Power Of Being Today…

…and by Monday… you will be on your way to becoming the person you always wanted to be.

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You were given the WRONG Formula for SUCCESS!

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It’s brilliance is in it’s simplicity.

But the true power comes from the simple step-by-step method that makes it work for you… guaranteed.

As you are probably already aware…

It is one thing to understand a concept and something completely different when you are able to use it, adopt it and integrate it into who you are at the core.

And when it comes to reaching your goals, living the life of your dreams, nothing could be more important. How many failed New Year’s resolutions have you made throughout your life?

More than 20… what about 30?

How many goals have you set for yourself that never came to fruition – leaving you wondering where you went wrong?

What could you have been doing differently?

And chances are…the answer is…not that you didn’t work hard enough or luck wasn’t on your side…

…it was that you were taught the wrong formula for success.

Almost all of us are.

In fact, it’s forced into every nook and cranny of our minds since we were in grade school and continues all the way through our adult working years…

Making the consequences catastrophic.

The worst kind.

A Category 5 Hurricane of Disaster.


One that blows your dreams apart.

Causing you to…

Never reach your full potential…

Miss out on one opportunity after another…

And face another year stuck in the same sh*ty situation…without a foolproof plan to turn it all around.

I am sure I don’t need to belabor this especially since…

All of that is unimportant…anymore…

When you click the link below and watch the short presentation, The Power Of Being, you will discover the simple shift that will put an end to squished dreams…

…and open your life up to endless opportunities. Yeah, I know that is a pretty big promise, but when you watch through the end of the presentation, I will give you a concrete example of how you can start using this guaranteed simple formula for success, The Power of Being, to transform your life in 2016 and beyond…today.


Also, I will give you an opportunity to take advantage of one of my most important programs I have ever created also called The Power of Being) at an incredible price.

This program is designed to take the success formula you will discover inside the presentation and integrate it fully into your mind and body… The key to becoming who you want to become.

And at this small introductory price, you won’t want to miss out if you are serious about blazing new paths in 2016.

Plus, it’s all backed up with my 1 Full Year $$ Back Guarantee…that is how confident I am that The Power Of Being will work for you.

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…and by Monday… you will be on your way to becoming the person you always wanted to be.

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guntoheadHave you been keeping them?

Be honest with yourself.

Or is it just 10 days into the New Years and all your resolutions are already slipping away.

Because one thing or another has gotten in their way and slowly but surely each and every one of your goals has drifted off to sea..

…never to be heard from again.

It’s ok.

Don’t beat yourself up to bad over it, even though…



There is no two ways about it.

It’s your life and you determine your destiny.

But just like making a resolution, blaming yourself is NOT going to solve the problem.

Because your problem is NOT a conscious one…


You can water a plant all you want, but if the soil doesn’t have the right nutrients, then it just withers away and die.

And that’s the EXACT reason your resolutions never blossom.

You need the right fertile ground for your goals and dreams to develop…

And that starts off with preparing your unconscious mind for a hearty growing season.


Because if your VALUES and BELIEFS that live deep inside of your unconscious conflict with who you want to become…

…then your mind will do whatever it takes to sabotage your efforts.

It’s just how we are built.

Luckily, there is a very quick and easy solution that builds up the Neural Pathways in your mind to assist you in obtaining any goal you set out to accomplish for yourself…

…losing those 10 pesky pounds…

…quitting smoking….

…finding someone to spend your life with…

…adding an extra 0 zero or two to your bank account…

Whatever it is…

The Power Of Being transforms any soil into fertile ground, Guaranteed.

And the best part…

No spending countless hours in the field plowing and tilling the soil…

…just a few short exercises and listening to the Neuro-Imprinting Sessions™ are all you need.

Not a bad trade-off to being able to look back at the end of 2106 and say, “What a GREAT F*cking YEAR!”

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ipadlt_823x978Here are just a few of the hundreds of success stories we have received from Power Of Being members:

“I’ve found the program helpful in helping me to sort out what I really want instead of what society or my past reactions to societal pressure had me thinking that I wanted. This is helping me to focus my attention, effort, and energy where I can get a result that is truly meaningful to me.” John Thomas

“The Be-Do-Have has been a completely new paradigm for me and for the first time I KNOW I am on track.” Jean Claude

“This program has kept me on track to what I want.” Jon

“The Power Of Being forced me to figure out what I want to be.” Don Hill

“Everyone stays true their definition of themselves. So the ONLY way to change is to change who you define yourself to be. Kenrick’s program gives you the tools to do just that.” Will Rodenkirch

“Because of issues I have had following through with some other courses, I chose to become the sort of person who easily followed through on his commitments. This one change has had a cascade effect, and allowed me to make a number of other improvements in my life.” Al Koigsfeld

“Kenrick Cleveland’s Power of Being program is a transformative journey which will literally transform your life.” Keith Schaffer

“The “Power Of Being” program has had a positive effect in a very short time. It’s effortless to listen to the recordings and refocus on a great outcome. I’ve already seen results in my focus and direction in business.” Jay Williams

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Yoda was dead WRONG

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“There is no try just do” – Yoda


Yoda was one smart and powerful little green dude…

But he got that one wrong.

Because when we “try”, we start building up the neural networks in our brain that allow us to form a new habit or skill.

And what’s truly amazing is… That we don’t actually have to “do”… at all.


Our brain doesn’t distinguish between what we imagine and what we physically “do”.

Think about that for a second…

And you will find it another one of the secrets to why the Neuro-Imprinting Sessions™ inside the Charisma Switch are so powerful.. …and just flat out works!

The latest scientific research backs this up 100%.

In one experiment done at Bishop University…

Participants who imagined a workout vs actually working out yielded very similar results.

The group that actually did the exercises gained 28% in strength vs the group who imagined the workout gained 24% in strength.

(North American Journal of Psychology)

Pretty amazing!

This type of experiment has been repeated with similar results for learning, shooting free throws, increased IQ and so forth.

And the main reason behind this is… Our imagination is one of our greatest gifts for being able to develop new skills and change our behaviors.

And is also another one of the reason that Neuro-Imprinting™ will automatically implant the three behaviors that make up a Charismatic person.

You know…

A person who is able to influence others just by their presence.

A person who others are naturally attracted to.

A person that others trust and follow.


When you sit back comfortably and listen to the Charisma Switch’s Neuro-Imprinting Sessions™, you’ll instantly start to build the Charismatic neural networks to trigger it on demand.

I couldn’t make it any easier for you to be able to covertly influence others.

In just 30 days, you too could have this amazing ability at your beckon calling.

Click here to give it a “Try”

You have nothing to risk with out Money Back Guarantee.

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