Advanced Verbal Rapport

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I can’t believe it’s still being taught today…

And people think it’s effective.

In fact…

A few days ago, I was reading a post on a Facebook group about Persuasion and one of the members suggested that the below is the best way to gain 
rapport (trust) with someone during a 
business meeting.

And it baffles me that some people are living in the stone ages.

So…here is what he suggested in the Facebook Group:

“If you walk into somebodies office and it is filled with memorability for a sports team…”

You start to comment on that team and make small talk…

Which is suppose to help build the rapport between you and the person.

What is even more ludicrous is what he said next:

“Often salesmen will not start the sale pitch until halfway through the meet up. They know they have to get the prospect into the right mind set before they begin the process if they are going to have any chance if success.”

I don’t know about you…

…but I am pretty busy and if someone wasted half 
 their time talking to me about something completely 
 irrelevant in the hopes of gaining some “rapport”…

There would be little chance of getting a YES from me. And that applies not only to business situations but everyday conversations as well.

So why do people still do it?

Because they don’t know better!

There are much better ways to gain rapport with someone besides wasting their time.

Such as…

Speaking the language they do.

And I don’t mean English, Spanish, French, etc.

I am talking about how they code their experiences through their 5 senses.

And once you know how to do that…you will be able to gain the trust of anyone within minutes…


Making it even easier to hear YES after YES.

That is exactly what you will learn to do when you click the link below and…

Checkout Advanced Verbal Rapport for only $59.99….

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P.S. Inside Advance Verbal Rapport – VAK Language you will discover a very cool secret for clogging up the conscious mind of your prospects and putting them into a suggestible trance – where they will act on all your messages.

Kenrick, I want to discover the language of rapport for only $59.99


Outwitting the Devil (part 2 of 2)

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Let me ask you something…

And I want you to be honest with yourself.

At the bottom of yesterday’s post, I asked you a question.


Did you answer it?

(click here before reading on if you didn’t read 
yesterday’s post yet)

Now be honest with yourself.

My guess is… 98% of people didn’t.

They read the words and maybe thought about it for a second or two before realizing the question 
needed a serious answer…some serious thought…and just moved on.

Was that you?

Stay with me because the point I am making is extremely important…

Your soul could depend on it :)

If you remember from yesterday’s email, according to Napoleon Hill’s interview with the “devil” (inside his book Outwitting The Devil)…

The “devil” told Hill that he can control 98% of the population 
because they have no definiteness of purpose – causing them to drift through life - which is his doorway into the minds of 

And even though this book was written over 70 years ago…do you believe it still rings true today?

Like in the U.S., hardly a day goes by that you don’t hear on a news outlets about the 2% that 
control all the wealth and power.


What do you think most successful people have in-common?

If you said…

A definiteness of purpose, you are catching on…


How are you suppose to get where you are going if you don’t have a destination in-mind?

You can’t!

So, spend some time and do some soul searching to decide what you are going to live for – and firmly in your mind define your definiteness of
 purpose in life.



P.S. I am going to let you in on a little secret that will help you become part of the 2% club…

All definiteness of purposes involve communicating 
with others.

When you understand how to get YESes in all your interactions, everything will come much easier.

To get started, it’s as easy as clicking the link below!

Take me to the Keys To Yes


Outwitting the Devil

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Over the weekend I caught up on some reading.

I pulled Outwitting The Devil by Napoleon Hill from the sea of books overflowing my bookcase.

If you don’t know who Napoleon Hill is, look up Think And Grow Rich…

The bestselling success book of all time.

(I highly recommend you read it and if you have already, then reread it.)

Hill wrote Outwitting The Devil right after he published Think and Grow Rich in 1937, but it was only released a few years ago.

(click here to check out his books)


The controversial nature of the book…

And the tsunami of criticism it would bring down 
on him.

Inside the book Hill interviews the actual Devil getting him to reveal all his secrets… how he infects his victims and leads them to live a life of failure.

Hill learns that “His Majesty”, the name by which the Devil demands to be addressed, controls 98% 
of the population through his tricks and deceit…

And the way he is able to get inside our minds is because most people “drift” through life.

Another way of saying it would be…

Most people do not think for themselves…

Which provides a gateway for “His Majesty” to plant the seeds of fear into people’s minds and lead them astray to a life filled of failures and regrets.

During the interview, Hill also discovers how not to 
succumb to “His Majesty.”

One of the main ways to outwit the devil is to have a definiteness of purpose (intention, goals) and to be in touch with your “other self”… your 
unconscious mind…

Slamming shut the door that allows the devil in and becoming part of the 2% that are out of reach of his control.

Let me ask you…

What is your definiteness of purpose?

When you wake up in the morning, get out of bed,do you have a plan…a goal in mind?

How will you achieve that goal and get others to say 
YES to you?



P.S. Inside the Keys To Yes you are going to discover the secrets to the “other self” and how to get YESes from not only the 98% of people who do not think for themselves…but the other 2 % as well…

Allowing you achieve what ever definiteness of purpose 
you set for yourself!

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Kasina (More Than Pretty Sounds and Lights)

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The lights swirled.

Dancing around in my mind…

Becoming more and more intense as 
they shifted from one pattern to the next.

The vivid colors opening up your mind.

A deep breath in…

(hold it…hold it)

Now exhale.


All the tension in the shoulders… back…starting to leave…

…sinking deeper and deeper.

Worries, concerns….


Enter the learning state.

The brain was primed and ready to install these powerful learnings.

You see…

I make no bones about it.

It’s not like I have a super human ability… and nothing you will ever do will make your words as powerful as mine when influencing others.

It was and still is…

A main contributor for my continued success with the material I teach.

And one of the reasons that my students can 
actually walk the walk and not just talk the talk.

Because lets face it…

No one likes to put in the hard work needed to have unconscious competency.

I only wish I had discovered it when I first started to learn these skills.

Kasina-with-accessories-AZ But, then again, I don’t think the technology even existed. And with the recent release of the brand Kasina Light and Sound machine

Accelerating your learning using my unconscious 
learning sessions will be…even quicker…and more enjoyable.

These new machines leave others I have used and tested…in the dust.

But it might not be right for you.

You might be the kind of person that likes to struggle and take the hard way.

No pain…No gain.


No shortcuts for you.

You rather think to yourself that advancing to quickly will leave you missing something.

Doesn’t the saying go…

All good things come to those who wait!

Or you can…WAKE UP…

Make a sound investment and…

Speed up the process for making your words receive YESes all day long.

And even though the Kasina Light and Sound machine just hit the market, I was able to work out a special deal with the developer (since I helped beta-test the device)…

And right now you can even save big when you purchase the 
Kasina through our newly opened holiday store. Take me to the holiday store to grab my Kasina!

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P.S. The Kasina makes the perfect gift for you or a loved one this Holiday Season.

These machines are perfect for anyone who suffers from stress, trouble sleeping or looking to improve their health from the benefits of meditation.


Any new learning session that I produce will be encoded for use with these incredible machines.

Take me to the holiday store to grab my Kasina!

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Have Questions? Post them here.

Magical Objection Mastery 3.0

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Coming Soon…


2014 will be Your Year of NO OBJECTIONS!

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