A Milton Erickson Story

Hi Persuader,

A number of years ago, several of Milton Erickson’s students decided to play
a trick on the master.

They knew that he had legendary powers of observation but they wanted to

Just how good was he.

Erickson taught his week long seminars in his home.  All around the room
were little artifacts and souvenirs.

Along the back wall, out of the obvious line of sight, one of the students
took a small statue of an owl and lay it down on its side.

When Erickson was wheeled into class, he promptly began the class and
explain his theories through stories and inductions.

Hours later, his wife came in to wheel him out of the room.  The class was
disappointed. Erickson hadn’t noticed.

Mrs. Erickson had nearly wheeled Erickson out of the room when Erickson put
up his hand to stop her.

You know that thing that you were concerned about?

Well, I don’t give a hoot about it.

Erickson had known all along and turned the tables on the students.

Can you imagine how effective Erickson was as a persuader?

He could literally read the minds of the people in the room.

When you know what your clients are thinking, guess what happens to your
closing rate.

It soars.

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And let your sales soar.

Talk with you soon,

Kenrick Cleveland

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