For close to three decades, KENRICK E. CLEVELAND has dedicated himself to perfecting the techniques, the skill, the “art” of influence. He is known worldwide for his charismatic teachings in sales and conversational persuasion and… he is also known worldwide for his controversial and edgy Dark Side teachings.

Drawing from a diversified career base that includes an extensive sales background coupled with experience in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and hypnosis, Mr. Cleveland created a model of persuasion that is so effective that it remains the benchmark of excellence in this field.

Kenrick’s track record for success began early when he set the world’s record in health spa memberships sales – bringing in over $72,000 in fees in a single month.

Building on his success, he became the youngest general manager and then regional manager of the nation’s largest health spa chain. And, at each new level, Kenrick set new records and achieved new levels of success.

In Boise, Idaho, Kenrick transformed a failing health club that was losing $30,000 per month into a profit-making juggernaut by increasing sales and showing a $30,000 profit in 60 days.

Color System Technologies had tried unsuccessfully to create a hiring profile, using the services of two different psychological teams. Then Kenrick came on board and implemented his success model which was credited with saving Color System more than $l00,000 in consulting fees.

Not only did the model prove invaluable in the hiring function, it was also used to influence and motivate new staff to perform at their maximum. The resulting increases in speed and accuracy broke all existing records for excellence.

At Home Fed Savings and Loan (now Home Fed Bank), Kenrick used his strategies for influence and persuasion in teaching trainers responsible for staff education. Kenrick’s training was applied to every level of the corporate hierarchy – from the Vice Presidents in the boardroom to the tellers on the bank floor. Home Fed credits this training with increasing their cross sales ratio by more than a third and their net deposits by $1 billion.

“You hold the key to sales success undreamed of by most sales people”
Jay Abraham

When Jay Abraham put together his Protégé training to teach the skills in marketing that made him famous, he asked Kenrick to teach these high-level consultants how to use persuasion skills. .”

Take advantage of these skills to boost your income now. You’ll never hear “never” again.

MaxPersuasion is…All About Teaching YOU How To Appeal To Your Prospect With Ease, Close More Sales, And Come Out On Top With A Full Bank Account… All With Less Effort and In Record Time

Ask any sales professional what their number one goal is… 99.9% of them will tell you… close more sales.

I always ask my clients, why close more sales, what is that going to accomplish? Well, it’s going to make me more money. Okay. And how is that money going to help you?

Now this is where some answers start to differ a bit. And that’s great, we’re all different and that’s what makes us interesting individuals.

The common thread among most all of us is that we want more money because we believe it will enhance our quality of life. And as sales professionals, the way to get more money is to close more sales, move more product, acquire more accounts, make more deals.

Think about this for a moment…

We want to close MORE deals. That does not mean we have to get in front of more people to do it. We want to become more efficient, increase our closing percentage, so that we decrease the quantity of people we need to be in front of (and therefore save time and effort), and increase the probability of closing each prospect.

Persuasion is the answer to getting
your prospects to buy from you.

Persuasion is a cooperative activity between you and your prospect. It is not coercion or a one-way sales presentation followed by a begging session. The actual persuasion happens when you help your prospect see the link between your product and their desire. And that’s what I’ve dedicated my life to teaching.

The strategies and techniques I teach you will give you the foundation you need to double, even triple your closing rate with your prospects.

When you learn these strategies, you will trample your competition, earn the success and recognition from your peers that you deserve, and have more time to spend on the golf course and watching your son’s baseball games.

It’s taken me more than three decades to get to where I am today in persuasion. You may be wondering…

How many decades will it take me
to master this material?

None. If you take advantage of the systems I’ve created for you, you can become an expert persuader in a matter of months. And you can

Start becoming a master persuader right now.

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MAXpersuasion is all about teaching you how to influence those in your life so that you can earn the maximum amount of income with the least amount of time and effort.

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