Activating Affluence

Hi Persuader,

I’m a firm believer that we are here to create our own destinies. Our lives are exactly as we have made them – for good or bad.

I’m fairly certain that most people involved in MAXpersuasion are either living the good life or are on the path to the good life because expanding our universes is truly one of the best ways to get exactly what we want out of life.

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about affluence. From the principles of affluence, to the thoughts, to action, to the realization.

Installing an affluent mindset and thought processes will help you to realize your dreams. I’m talking here about the strategies of the world’s wealthiest.

Want to know why Bill Gates is wealthier than you? I’ll tell you…

It’s really more than a mindset. I’m talking about foundational principles, wealth strategies. It’s about programming ourselves and teaching ourselves at the level of our other-than-conscious mind.

At the core of who you are, you have a really good idea of who you are and what you want. Maybe you’ve gained this insight as a result of working through your universes, and understanding your own criteria and your own core values in life. These all provide you the drive that it takes to succeed.

My dad taught me when I was young that if I loved what I do, I would never work a day in my life.

This is sage advice that has been passed on from father to son, from mother to daughter, from generation to generation, probably since the dawn of time. And I can tell you that I’ve certainly benefited by that.

I know that if we were to go around and follow some of the wealthiest in the world, we might feel like they are literally working from dawn to dusk, maybe even much more. It might even be exhausting to follow them around and try to keep up.

Why? Because their dreams are not our dreams.

If they had to follow you around for a day – and you were lit on fire in terms of manifesting your universes, experiencing your criteria and values for wealth generation and success in your life – I’ll tell you, they would probably feel tired too.

What fuels this fire is the fuel of really understanding who you are and what you want. And the clearer the image, the clearer your ability, the clearer and stronger this fire will be burning within you.

If we can get our mind into the mindset of a millionaire or billionaire, then that’s where we’re headed. You can create those same results.

There was a saying in my early training in neuro linguistic programming that said, “If it’s possible in the world, it’s possible for me. It’s only a matter of how.”

And of course there was always the smart aleck in the room that had to challenge the trainer and say, “Are you telling me that a paraplegic has the same ability as an Olympic athlete?” No, that’s not what’s being said here.

What’s being said is that if it’s possible for other humans of roughly the same capability that you have, it’s possible for you. Meaning, there’s nothing inherently better about Bill Gates than you, yet I guarantee he’s wealthier than you or me, at least today.

Why is he wealthier? Could it be that he was just lucky? Well, yeah. It sure could. Could it be that he was at the right place at the right time? Yeah.

But it’s not enough just to be in the right place at the right time. I love saying, “I’m a great believer in luck. And I find the harder I work, the more of it I have.”

Where inspiration and perspiration meet, that’s where magic happens.

However, you can’t have one side without the other. It’s not enough to have the inspiration (the thoughts) without the perspiration (the work, the action, the doing).

It’s not enough to just do. That isn’t going to cut it either, not without the inspiration, the thought, behind it. We have to couple these things. That’s when we find real success and rewards in our lives.

Until Next Time,

Kenrick E. Cleveland

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Brad.S - October 22, 2007

Fortunate, luck, lucky. Working the universe, right place right time / wrong time?. Who you know who you don’t know. Who you drink beer with who you don’t drink beer with – selling your soul and associating befriending for self gain. Are only some of the questions that remain..

Well at least you back up your statements well. I cant argue with that, you seem to have described contraries to argument before it arise, otherwise known as persuasion hehehe.

I can say now I agree with this. I touched last time on how cruel it would be to practice the secret (book idea) on an Ethiopian. As you describe here things need to be within perspective. (EG) However once one delivers him/her self from starvation, poverty in the worst instances people continue to want more.. Naturally through great setbacks = time delays and a half fruit after the season has gone.

Therefor I think it is important that it is stressed to make a point in a big way – what may take one person half a life time may take another two life times.. (We don’t have two lifetimes yet)
We focus on the best possible case scenario at some point in time in our lives to get half way there.. To this I find If we had not focused on the best possible case we might not have even gotten half way, better than having an even more discontent society… “So its not such a bad thing, it cant do too much harm if any”

In my experience being a dyslexic writing mirror version starting out ect – I always wanted to be a Writer/Actor or artist of any kind or otherwise simply be submersed in a social climate job.. Through this I got half way. I have found myself in a social position which I could not have done wearing the dyslexic outfit nor without being able to read as fast as I can or read out aloud as I read well ‘Self tought’. (As you mentioned) My Idea was, If other people and stupid people can do it I can do it too… I clearly remember thinking that.. So I forced myself and told myself there must be a way to make this all clear to make the page look clear.. I started separating words and sounding them in my mind. I tried hell of a lot of things, one of them was simply dreaming I changed when I slept or before I went to sleep. One day I found myself fairly touch typing.. Another time I was shocked to find I had read a whole news paper in under 20 minutes at about 22years old (Im 29 now). I went through many years of confusion due to this transition and sometimes still do have moments of unease and feeling much unexplained.. But Im not about to complain – At least not too much.. Some people have even mistaken me for being smart and that is contrary dyslexia and stupidity going hand in hand.. I tell them Im either dyslexic or stupid they cant have it all ways. Or they can if they want.

An important thing to remember is. Once you have gone through your years of pain and suffering to reach your small or huge Achievement some will talk it down and tell you that you had a bad time but it wasn’t all that bad hating every day you woke up to.

But one thing that is clear and will always be practiced by me due to my learnings and personal experience is.
I will always stick up for the under dog because they have more potential than anyone else.

My true advice on this topic is.. Enjoy the pain (if you fall into this or a similar category) or learn to enjoy the pain because your going to have to live with it, theres no point missing out on the last pages.. The rest kind of follows on a roller coaster.
And look on the bright side at worst.. If you find yourself on Titanic instead of a roller coaster, you could always be spiteful by dragging a Trolley around the nicer sides of town while bleeding on the clean pavement after your public beatings of being homeless..
I vote – Some people need more than a positive outlook.. They need help. And not jokes about get a job or a life. They are not even half way and need someone to get them there..

What happens if your universe is the garbage bin.. Or even worse a dyslexic that never made it like I did.
Just maybe these programs of positivity come all too late after teachers have placed negative bets against younger and older children.


Kenrick different topic next time please. 🙂 haha 🙁

Brad.S - October 22, 2007

Im glad you took me up on what the Blip do we know all that time ago..

That is one accurate and well ‘balanced’ great visual and well commentated portrayal that has not gone too far.
I can agree with you on..


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