Are You Speaking In The Correct Language?

If you have taken a NLP course, one of the first things you learn is people have different representational systems to process the world around them.

(Stay with me...I know this is basic for some of you, but leading to an important point.)

So what does that mean if you haven't taken a NLP course?

It's a fancy way of saying that we use our senses to process information and code our memories and experiences.

When we communicate with others, we express our thoughts with words that represent our senses...the three primary senses are Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic (VAK).

"I see what you are saying Kenrick" ...Visual Language (V)
"I hear what your are saying Kenrick" ...Auditory Language (A)
"I feel what you are saying Kenrick" ...Kinesthetic Language (K)

You then learn, if the person you are speaking to uses Visual Language, you want to reciprocate with Visual Language... so you are speaking in terms that the other person understands and can relate to.

What you haven't learned is... How to utilize VAK Language in Persuasion!

VAK language is an extremely powerful persuasion tool that not only allows you to build rapport with your prospects, but if you know how, puts them into a hypnotic trance...allowing all your messages to sink deeply into the unconscious mind.

This is covered at length in our new mini-course Advanced VAK Language...

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Warmly, Kenrick

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