Attracting The Secret

Hi Persuader,

How do you know if something has really made it into the collective consciousness?

Well, I’ll tell you one way… it’s on Oprah. Oprah features it.

I want to talk with you a little bit about the movie The Secret. I imagine you’ve probably seen it, or have heard about it. Maybe you even own it.

Let me give you a few thoughts:

I absolutely love it. It’s phenomenal. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it and here’s why I think it can have a significant impact on your life…

The Law of Attraction is absolutely at work in my life and in the lives of everyone who has the ability or inclination to pay attention. (Obviously that’s you, since you had the good sense to subscribe to this newsletter and learn more about persuading the affluent.)

What is the Law of Attraction?

Basically, it says whatever you concentrate on, you’ll get more of in return. If you concentrate on your lack of money and worry about paying bills, you’re going to get more ‘need’.

On the other hand, if you concentrate on drawing money to you, becoming a money magnet, you will attract affluence.

And this isn’t just about money. It’s about every single thing that you think about. This includes influence, sales and conversion, as well as more personal aspects of life like health and wellness, relationships and spirituality in such concepts as gratitude.

I’m sad to tell you that there are a number of people that, in an attempt to make a name for themselves and parlay off the success of it, have decided that it’s appropriate to tear this movie down.

Why? You may ask. And you’re probably also thinking, “what does this have to do with persuasion?”

So why would people want to put this movie down?

Well, a typical way of trying to promote oneself these days is to piggyback what you’re doing along with something else that’s happening in the news.

The Secret is certainly in the news and I have no issue with doing that. In fact, I love to use the piggybacking strategy myself when I get a chance. And I guess you have to take a stand one way or another on things, so this group of people chose to take a negative stand.

Do you agree with everything that you hear from any source? I don’t, and I doubt you do either.

So I guess we could then turn and ask, do you agree with everything that you’ve heard about The Secret, or as a result of watching The Secret? I can tell you that I don’t.

But disregarding the entire movie just because there are a few things I disagree with would be like saying, “Money can be used wrongly so I’m going to do the right thing and never try to earn another dime as long as I live. I’ll make sure that if ever anyone gives me money, I’m going to give it away because, after all, I don’t want to be involved with something bad.”

That is definitely throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

If a person objects to positive mental thinking, positive mental attitudes, and the sage advice that has shaped our nation and most all of the successful people in the world today that have followed along the footsteps of great thinkers of our time, then I guess someone could genuinely be upset with The Secret.

But in particular, what did the naysayers pick on? One is that The Secret talks about being responsible in every way. The movie says something to the order of, “We all choose our own reality. Even the people of Darfur consciously chose their plight in life.”

Alright, so the people that stood against this movie basically said, “That’s nonsense. The Secret is a cult and so it’s saying things that are blatantly untrue.” They are framing the creators of this movie as a cult.

Do I believe that the people in Darfur (or anywhere else in for that matter who are having horrible problems) consciously choose to be there? No, of course not. And I think in the attempt to entertain and be dramatic, The Secret went a bit too far.

However, do you know that there are many, many millions of people that actually believe along those lines?

I don’t think anyone would say someone would consciously choose that kind of life, but let’s say that you believed that we are here on planet earth for a reason: to learn. Life is a school and we’re trying to learn all the lessons this school has to offer.

Were all of the lessons you learned in high school positive? Probably not.

Some of them were very difficult. Some of them hurt a lot. Maybe you broke up with a special boyfriend or girlfriend during that time and it was quite devastating. Maybe you thought your whole life was coming to an end and then all of the sudden you were saved by something else going well for you.

Alright, so you learned the lessons of your schooling, good and bad.

Well, there are a lot of people out there who believe in reincarnation. Now once again, I’m not going to ask you to believe in this, not for a second. I’m not going to ask you not to believe in it, not for a second.

Through the perspective of reincarnation they might believe that we choose our parents, we choose the country we’re going to be born in, and we choose to live the lessons that earth has to give us such that one day we don’t need to come back anymore and we can evolve to a higher level.

With this belief as the basis for this premise, then would it be reasonable if you were the creator of the movie The Secret and you believed in these things, that you would make a statement such as, “The people in Africa who are starving have chose their plight in life so that they could experience these difficulties to learn how to overcome them or simply experience a life of poverty”?

I think the answer is absolutely yes. They didn’t choose them consciously; they chose them before they came into this earthly experience.

The big question I have for you is: why should we knock it?

I have my own beliefs and thoughts. I believe we need to be responsible. I believe we need to be careful, but to throw the baby out with the bathwater, I just can’t fathom.

What do you think?

Until Next Time,

Kenrick E. Cleveland

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Dr Bill Toth - October 10, 2007

Kenrick – I wholeheartedly agree. Joe Vitale said it best…Yes we are – at some level –
repsonsible for attracting, creating everything that comes into our life. And like Joe Vitale – no I can’t explain it either. I just know it to be true. Just like I know gravity
to be true – I can’t explain it either…and yet I certainly repsect its’ existence and power.
In my experieince the people who knock the movie are the same ones that are first to place blame and point the finger in their lives. They seem to prefer to play the victim role. Choices. And so I sign off with

Live With Intention,

Sterling - October 10, 2007

interesting point. I think the movie was well made and had some very salient points. I don’t think it was the end all and be all. the law of attraction is something I believe in definately. However I think the movie left the impression that the law is all it takes and did not focus enough on taking action. A lot of people I know got the impression all they need to do is sit in a room and think of what they want and somehow it will magically appear…not true.

As to the Darfur issue, I definately think that was way over the top…in the movie they said that the people “consciously” chose their fate…that is total BS. even your explanation of re-incarnation does not deal with “consciously” choosing…it deals with ” unconsciously” choosing.

The movie was well produced, well put together, entertaining, does an excellent job of explaining the law of attraction with powerful high powered people and is a great “feel good” flick…however I think it is highly overrated and does not really thoroughly delve into the law of attraction.

Dr Bill Toth - October 10, 2007

Kenrick – I wholeheartedly agree! Joe Vitale said it best – “at some level we are responsible for everything that comes into our lives – and no I can’t fully explain it.”

In my experience the people who knock the movie are the same ones who are quick to assign blame. They seem to prefer the victim role.

And as my good friend W Mitchell loves to say: “It’s not what happens to you – it’s what you do about it” that matters.

Live With Intention,

Max - October 10, 2007

So the slaughter of innocent people in Sudan is their fault for attracting it?

Please Kenrick give us a break. Next, you’ll be embracing more of this new age crap. Up until now, I thought you were on the right track. Guess not.

Kevin got it right so read his 4 page article:



P.S. Do you have the guts to post this without editing or will your pride get the best of you?

Raymond Fellers - October 10, 2007

If there is a cult founded on the Law of Attraction, then tell me how and where to join.

I am constantly amused and saddened by the number of people who seem to be members of a “cult” who believe it is better to view life as a half filled (or less) glass. These same people seem to believe that if I work for, and enjoy, a better life then their own that somehow, I have taken from their share of a limited pool of resources.

I really pity them for their self imposed denial to strive for a better, more abundant life.

Tim O'Keefe - October 10, 2007

The objections that I have heard were mostly that taking such responsibility can lead to unnecessary guilt.

Patricia Winston - October 10, 2007

Great posts! New Age – hmmmm, I wonder what that is? There’s nothing new under the sun – The ancient scriptures were first spoken and handed down, then written down long before Christ, and today, they are brought to light and re-thought, re-experienced, etc. They are an anathema to the western culture.

Westerners abhor taking responsibility and the idea there might be some good deep clean up work that’s needed within by individuals is not an idea on the surface of most minds. Some parts of the world is bleeding so bad they have no time to think about such things. So, who takes responsibility? If you see it, you take the responsibility to assist and make right. That’s how I see it.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Ghandi

There’s a man in Hawaii – Dr Haleakula Hew Lin who might have it right – he says, we must take 100% responsibility for everything – you , me, the people around the world – Joe Vitale wrote about him in a book called Zero Limits – you can see the doc’s web site at http://www.hooponopono.org

Dr Lin worked in the hospital – criminally insane wing – it was chaos and employee attrition was very high. From the day he took the job, without meeting any of the bloody criminals, or having a conversation with them, he worked on them – utilizing their charts – and within 2 years – all were healed and had re-entered society – what did he do? It’s an interesting story and also miraculous – and some will say it’s “new age” crap – but – if it works would you want more of it? And, it’s not new – infact it’s ancient – and Dr Lin is breathing life back into it and the word is spreading – wooooo, woooo!!!

Kevin - October 10, 2007

The Power of the Secret

I’m a middle-aged white guy carrying a few extra pounds (translate: I’m earthbound). I’d love to slam dunk a basketball. A literal interpretation of the Secret says to think about (and envision) slam dunking a basketball. Reality sets in every time I set foot on the court. A more exact interpretation of the Secret says that if I really want to slam dunk a basketball I first think about doing so. Then I think about the steps necessary to do this task like losing those pounds, then develop my jumping muscles and continually train until I can jump higher and higher. Hire a coach to oversee my progess and correct my bad habits and continually work towards my goal. The end results is that my thoughts have attracted my goal.

The true reality is that slam dunking is not my highest goal and the thoughts and efforts it would take to accomplish that goal can be better used on other goals like building my business and building better relationships with my family; Getting in shape, improving my health, etc. I can attract those things not just by thinking about them but by taking action. The thoughts are just the first step in the process.

Mark Keeney - October 10, 2007


I first heard about Bob Proctor in a program Jay Abraham bought out of a surplus warehouse 20 years ago.

The series Born Rich evidently did not to well else Jay would not have bought a warehouse full, however, I thought it was quite good. A bit odd as far as burning dollars and stating a barrel of oil had been created somewhere by burning the dollar bill, but I thought it was well worth what I paid for for the program. ($700)

Although I must say that I never purchased anything from his website or sought himout for another event.

I am not much into New Age stuff (woo-woo as you have on your CD’s) but there is plenty of good information on The Secret to be worth the price of the books and the movie.

Would I throw away my Christian God and start selling incense at the airport after watching him on the video ? NO! But it is hardly a fast way to go to hell, or a waste of time.



Peter Cafik - October 10, 2007

I loved the movie, and showed it to my 200 sales agents. I have never shown them anything that held them SO spellbound, and had so many go out and buy their own copies to give as gifts. This was all a year or so before the “Oprah” show, and all the publicity about this movie. So,it proved that it works….The Secret was about the Law of Attraction, and it’s very popularity and controversy is proof that it works…it ATTRACTED exactly what it was made for…publicity, and sales.

It is the oldest tale in the world, the basis of every adventure, novel, movie, bible story and fable. Was it a little overdone and theatrical? Of course, that is why it worked.
I thought it was great! Peter

Mark A. - October 10, 2007


You’ll want to re-read the article. KEC didn’t agree with the assertation made in “The Secret” that people consciously chose their situation.

His comments:
“Do I believe that the people in Darfur (or anywhere else in for that matter who are having horrible problems) consciously choose to be there? No, of course not. And I think in the attempt to entertain and be dramatic, The Secret went a bit too far.”


“I don’t think anyone would say someone would consciously choose that kind of life, but let’s say that you believed that…”

He was making a point how people’s beliefs spin their reality.

As for me, I don’t agree with everything in the movie. In fact there are a number of things I totally disagree with. I do think you get what you focus on. The bible is filled with those sorts of examples.

All the best,


Alex Cole - October 10, 2007

My son, just yesterday, asked me what one thing I would do if I were God for one day. It took about 1/10th of a second for me to analyze the state of humans on Earth and the reasons for so much hatred and suffering and I answered:

“I would abolish all religions.”

It is apparent to me that throughout history religion, all religions, i.e. “the only conduit to the creator established and run by special men”, have caused more suffering, pain and death than any other institutions. And of course the ‘special men’ had no responsibility- after all, it was God’s will. And the special men of religion became immensely rich and powerful as a whole, while living lives of ‘poverty’ and ‘humility’.

The universal pull to do “God’s will” (as defined by the ‘special men’) is even invoked by governments in order to carry out heinous acts without taking personal responsibility for those acts.

Do I believe in God? I believe in conscious creation, and that therefore there must be an original conscious source of creation, and that source is called many different names by men. God dreamed, and then took action to manifest. That sounds pretty much like the law of attraction to me.

If there is one source, then it follows that we must all be connected to it. If the source is responsible for creation, we all share that responsibility. That sounds pretty much like “we create reality”. The actions we take (or not) cause reality. The things we focus on create reality. We have not assumed responsibility for our contributions to current reality.

As for Darfur, where is the action? With the genocidal maniacs. The victims and their supporters have not taken effective or sufficient enough action to change the situation. Perhaps the victims didn’t ‘choose’ to be victims, but they certainly did not choose and act NOT to be.

The Secret is deficient in the area of showing the thought-desire-action-manifestation-responsibility linkages- but it is a beautifully done and thought-provoking piece. And if action and responsibility had been more explicitly stated in it, I am certain it would be nowhere near as popular as it is.

Nelson - October 10, 2007

The Law of Attraction.

Ask and you shall receive. Knock and the door shall be opened…

I have not watched the movie The Secret.

I believe that the manifested result of the law of attraction, and what occurs
to folks who exist in certain forms of captivity… hmm… wait a minute…

We are responsible for what we attract. Yes I agree. But that should not
be where our individual or collective responsibility ends.

Are we responsible enough to continue a process of positive change?

Can a society partially united toward a common goal to increase the good
for all within it’s community, continue to fight and even die for the liberties
and rights of it’s men, women, and children?

If our individual ‘wants’ or ‘needs’ propel us toward what we desire. Then collectively
the same must be true.

What happens when folks are faced with abominable tyranny and abject poverty?

If the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak what will probably happen?

Failure? Lives spent in dumb anguish?

If we collectively persuade the majority on the importance of change and are WILLING
to collectively suffer the consequences until positive change occurs, then you’re
fighting the good fight. And some day you may prevail.

The Law of Attraction is Biblical.

So is evil.

Let’s keep things in context.

Nelson J Vega

Kenrick E. Cleveland; Affluent Activator - October 10, 2007

Hi Max,

Leaving a post such as yours up is no problem to me. I would have thought you’d have preferred to think through your post a bit before doing so.

Perhaps you should read the article again! I don’t think for one second tbat those in Darfur consciously chose their plight. In fact, here’s a quote from my article: “Do I believe that the people in Darfur (or anywhere else in for that matter who are having horrible problems) consciously choose to be there? No, of course not. And I think in the attempt to entertain and be dramatic, The Secret went a bit too far.”

I’m sure Kevin and I can agree on a lot, but I disagree in part with the article you referenced.

So, your post remains. The question is… will your pride prevent you from reading the article again and looking a bit deeper into what I wrote and how your assessment is off? And no worries, no apology is expected or needed. I appreciate you contributing to the blog regardless of how well thought out the post.

Jeff Noel - October 10, 2007

I have thought about the secret a lot since veiwing it. To me it was truly amazing!
I have spent 18 years learning about NLP, goal setting and overall personal development. The secret taught me how to put them all together in a more powerful way.
As far as the plight of others, and do they “wish this upon themselfs” I cannot imagine any sane person to ever want to experince extreme pain in their lifes.
However with the state of the world today we can see the secret being played out in front of us. Everyday, you hear about the War on Terrorism. It is constantly being pumped into our minds through speaches, news and daily warnings.

So why do they want us to think about THE WAR ON TERRORISM instead of MANKINDS QUEST FOR PEACE AND HARMONY?


Brad.S - October 11, 2007

I would say this works within reason..
If everyone in Ethiopia practiced the Secret – that would be a cruel Yet interesting experiment.
I Believe there is a lot left out in the secret book/movie.
To me it is kind of like a monk teaching one inner peace, meditation, mind over matter.
However a Buddhist Monk would also tell you YES, people do intellectually understand this however they don’t really know it and they physically don’t know it or feel it.

I would consider the secret to fall into this category for most of the population. Without being offensive about 95% possibly including myself.

Brad.S - October 11, 2007

IF you take a high ranked Illuminati or other (just as an example) into account.. LOL
I would say the Secret is know to less than 99.9% of the population including myself.
So next time they bring out a video they should bring out the SECRET “UNCUT” version with added extras. I bet they already have.. Minus practice ability and useful information .
Sure the Secret has to make sense in theory and so it should. But a person who has a talent or luck as many other things is hardly worthy of holding an understanding of the secret.

There are simply too many variables.

Bill Barbee - October 11, 2007

Thanks for “piggybacking” The Secret!

I have studied and practiced meta-physics for most of my 47 years, and this movie has put forth — in a most public and profound way — many of the universal laws that govern our earthbound existence. The 100th monkey saw it . . . and many millions are beginning or already practicing the “rules of the game”. I believe that critical mass has been achieved.

Visualize, Experience, Emote, Act “As If”. Be – Do – Have is a motto that I endeavor to live by. Is my life perfect? Far from it, though my “failures” highlight the ways not to get what I really really want and show me my resistance to those acheivements. I choose to see these “failures” as opportunities to learn and to be closer to what I want.

Do I believe that these practices will draw the affluent to me? LIKE I AM A LIGHTHOUSE, they will see me shining and follow the light!

Keep up the great work.

Bill Barbee
Tax Reduction and Wealth Strategist
Newbury Park, CA

Bill Barbee - October 11, 2007

responding to Brad S. —

I adamently disagree, and would ask that you explore the choices and decisions you have made in this regard. The Secret highlights the point that it is our CHOICES, our THINKING which then attracts our resulting situation.

Are the starving in Ethopia or the people of Darfur actively “choosing” their fate? I would respond no they are not, but their thinking and positioning creates the situations they are in. Just like concentrating on what you do not want, inevitably brings more and more of that which you don’t want. Try this . . . Do NOT think about a pink elephant . . . what do you see in your mind. Worry about not having enough money to pay the bills . . . hmmmm, what do you get?

I ask you to consider changing your thinking and give it a try . . . perhaps there are NOT “too many variables”. I wish you success!

Bill Barbee

Hugo - October 11, 2007

Hi one thought i know that is true for my self is ,what i have focused on has become my reality whether it was becoming a Machinst,Sociolgist,or RealEstate Saleman in the latest tranceformation .All these possiablities have been easier for myself then for someone in India,Africa, or some other part of the world that is not as abudant as in where i reside both mentally and physically.Two last thoughts “AS a person thinketh
so they become”OK maybe just one.

John Stankiewicz - October 11, 2007

Yes, all true at some level or other. Anything can be done in this dream world. Including black and white magic. Attraction and so on. It’s all possible due to the power of the Mind, whether right mind or wrong mind, split mind or whole mind.

In any case, we can still have some fun here, despite the illusion(s).

PS: but while you are having some fun attracting abundance iinto your life, or lessons, do remember that you are in a dream or illusion and don’t yet realize it. And at some point you will awaken and forget the figures in the dream. And you will once again, realize that you have never left the Divine Domain. Never. This world is just a temporary perturbation in Consciousness or the Divine. It’a already gone. But YOU, as the Witness Consciousness still have your Attention, or the root of Mind, on images in the desert.

Rick Thomas - October 12, 2007

Alex, I feel for your brother. To never have prayed in earnest, and to not know the true power of GOD, our creator, is simply a tragedy. I’ll pray for you now that you somehow mend whatever has hurt you and sent you down the wrong path.

As for the secret, if you don’t get it, then you will never get it immediately as you are watching it, and after you have time to reflect on the wisdom that is outlined.

It’s been exciting/interesting to watch someone take a public domain book, struggle to get the movie produced, and look how much it has enriched the lives of the participants. I’ll bet their sales of products and services have gone through the roof.

I only wish one item would have been added, and concentrated and stressed a little more and it’s been mentioned in the comments several times already.

DO SOMETHING, DO ANYTHING, because just sitting around and thinking the cosmic force, or GOD for that matter isn’t going to get you what you want. As it says in the Bible, GOD helps those who helps themselves.

Gail - October 15, 2007

I am sure we all are aware of the knee-jerk “it’s THEIR fault, not mine” attitude which permeates our culture. Blaming someone and playing the victim is a very heady and sometime$$$ rewarding pastime. You get to smell like a rose and all scrutiny is removed from you to be brought to bear on the baddies who “did it to you/us/them”.
The fact of the matter is, we cannot escape universal law, the law of manifestation.
We cannot, even if we don’t believe it exists.
It will continue to deliver to us what we picture and feel and accept internally, and it cannot be stopped or “gotten around.” But rather than rejoicing and being ecstatically happy over this fact-and it seems that even quantum physics is beginning to confirm it in terms of energy -many people are terrified of having the payoffs/secondary gains of victimhood taken away from them! They scream about “blaming the victim” endlessly, and this, by the way is nothing new, as metaphysics is nothing new. Rhonda Byrne dis not invent the Law of Attraction. Metaphysics and so called New Thought teachers have been the targets of this sort of mudslinging for many decades.

But-to examine one of the favorite accusations of the critics-why, for example, do children get abused or get illnesses when they are too young to-we assume-“think thoughts” about such things?
There is a burgeoning amount of evidence from persons who, under hypnosis or other forms of conscious regression techniques that shows that we do indeed feel what parents are going through emotionally before we are born, while in our mother’s uterus.
People have checked out their impressions with their parents where possible, and have had them confirmed. It is, therefore, entirely possible for a child to be born giving off the “energy”, if you will indulge me with this much-bandied word- of being a potential object of abuse, or the “energy” of the fear of the mother dreading the loss of that child perhaps through a disease or accident, a fear she may not even know the roots of herself. Or the loss of the child as an indirect way of resolving a conflict with the father, or of not being entirely sure that she truly wants to be a mother at all. The variations, obviously, are infinite.
“Thought” is not just a clearly seen picture with sounds and words. “Thought” can be just a strong emotion, a sensation connected with a picture/words/sounds that the person may not be conscious of. It may be a vague, blurry image and mutterings. Whatever it is, you must finally be experiencing it as an emotion, which will inform the actions you take in the world consciously, or that “move you” to act UNCONSCIOUSLY.
Which brings me to the victims of wars, of famines and other disasters.
I would assume you know that religion is a part of most people’s lives in most cultures.
I have not studied all world religions. But I have noted that the concept of being the active creator of your life has been considered by some of these religions to be information available to only the high initiates of “mystical” schools; something you had to be chosen and endure much rigorous training and indoctrination to be allowed to learn. For what I feel is political reasons, the “high priests” of many religions thought it is better that the unwashed masses remain passive and helpless, the better for those in “power” to control. That said, there is a widespread belief that God-this is in many, many of the world’s cultures-is a punisher who must be appeased and pleaded with, who may or may not listen to you, or care. And many cultures have very fatalistic belief systems that predict disasters upon themselves, or who think suffering is necessary and even holy. Without writing a book here, I think I have made my point. As others who responded to Kenrick’s post have said, no-one CONSCIOUSLY chooses losses, disaster, poverty, disease. BUT!!! The real story is in one’s beliefs, in one’s unconscious assumptions about life, in one’s “religious” programming, and in the muttering at the edge of consciousness that we do not even notice, but which we fail to listen clearly to and change at our peril.

Brad.S - October 22, 2007

Responding to Bill Barbee

Thats just not true.
To make that mention about the starving poverty people ‘their thinking and positioning creates the situations they are in’.
These people in such circumstances often smile when they are even poorly nourished.
They are often happy. And of course they also experience great despair. They have so little and yet they are more than grateful when given something. Most of them have even greater values than some of our very own 1st world successors e.g. such as Dealers and deadbeats of all kinds..

Clearly I never did totally dismiss the Secret. But I would urge you to attempt to take a moment to understand the conditions of such lives and completely understand it. And by no means would that suggest going to be a part of it.

As for the use of talking about the bills.. This would be a highly influential point of call to make the viewer see things your way. considering more than half the world is oppressed they may even be attracted to buy another copy.

Most of all some people are such believers in some things that they convince themselves and become arrogant about unfortunate things in the world which need to be addressed. This particularly falls on those in power at most, with few Exceptions.
The secret ‘so to speak’ would only work if those who believed or knew of this practice, also became responsible as people.. Not just 1000 or 50,000 of them. We would need to be talking in the millions.

Brad.S - October 23, 2007

Response to Rick Thomas
Hey, how do you truly know that Alex is not helping himself and that God might help him later on in the week or year?
It could be that Alex is learning and working his ass off.

I see time and time again many people willing to criticise others for their unpaid off work rather than put forward a genuine offer. Some times they even put them down in regards to the level of their genuine contribution..
A whole commune some time ago thought tradesman to be a lower life form and they should not be able to come into town because they were not rich enough..
Eventually these people no longer serviced the area. So the problem remained who’s going to fix things..

You should never undermine the efforts of your fellow friends Rick. Unless you had made an offer?.

baby - March 8, 2008

Great website!! Keep up the good work!!

Kenrick E. Cleveland; Affluent Activator - May 19, 2008

Thanks to all who have written on this subject. It’s obviously a “hot topic”. Let’s keep the discussion going.

I intend to do much more with this in the near future. And I have some surprises, confessions and much more to share with you.


[quote comment=""]Great website!! Keep up the good work!![/quote]


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