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Hi Persuader,

Because I have a teenager, I’m hip to some of the more . . . well, hip things going on out there. And because my business is primarily virtual, I am well aware of the extreme power of the internet. In combining both the cutting edge hipness and the extreme power of the internet, I’ve recently (I know, I know, it’s a little after the fact) become acquainted with Facebook.

I had heard about Facebook, but didn’t really understand what it could bring to me, or what I could bring to it. And now I’m sold (despite the fact that it’s free).

This site along with Twitter (which I recently blogged about) are social and business networking sites, Web 2.0 style, that absolutely have the ability to revolutionize business.

It all starts out like kids in schoolyard, sort of sweet, like, ‘Will you be my friend?’ People you’ve worked with in the past, current clients and potential prospects, people with similar interests, friends that you may have in common, even strangers who just like the look of you or the message you’re putting out — you can respond to their friend requests (or they can respond to yours) and you will get a little message on your thread that simply says that you and that person are now friends.

As I write this, I now have 183 friends and growing, and that after only one month on Facebook. (If you want to be my friend, here’s my page: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=715037097)

What are the possibilities here? I happen to think the sky’s the limit. (I always think the sky’s the limit.) I am looking for people who have their hands raised. This is the real core of marketing and networking. I am looking for people I can connect with who I can truly help to flourish and grow with persuasion training. My intention is to reach as many people I can for mutually beneficial relationships.

On a side note: another aspect of marketing I’m exploring is that I now offer my clients 20% of every student they bring me. That’s 20 % of every Elite Coaching Club member, every Persuasion Factor member, and any future program I offer. What does this mean to my students? Well, as long as they’re in the program, if they bring me five Elite Coaching Club students, they can be in my Coaching Club for free. WOW!! That’s huge.

I have really exciting plans for 2008 that I will be unveiling in the coming months that I’m absolutely thrilled about and that I am certain will thrill you too. As always, I am eager to hear what is on your mind, my students, and what I can do to improve your experience and learning of persuasion and the benefits it is bringing to your life.

So for now, I’d ask you to sign up on Facebook, look me up, become my friend, and stay tuned for the amazing things to come.

Until Next Time,

Kenrick E. Cleveland

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Edward Philipp - August 11, 2008

I became your facebook friend today. Amazing to have 27 friends in common.

Warmest Regards,



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