Befriending Your Gentle Giant: A Lesson In Self Motivation

“It is as if evolution has built a safety device in our nervous system that allows us to experience full happiness only when we are living at 100% – when we are fully using the physical and mental equipment we have been given.” ~Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Hi Persuader,

Are you living at 100%? Physically, mentally, spiritually, persuasively? The search for meaning and fulfillment and happiness are within all of us and yet out of reach for many. Why? Why do some people struggle with money, relationships, weight issues, and lack of motivation while others breeze through life with their paths laid out before them, living up to their full potential?

I happen to believe that this is partially a result of a disconnect with our other-than-conscious selves. When we engage our other-than-conscious, phenomenal things can happen.

I think a spectacular way of looking at your subconscious, or “other-than-consicous” mind is engaging it as your gentle giant, bashful genie, guardian angel, or whatever other name you’re comfortable with.

It’s an additional power within us, capable of being harnessed. You’ve had it from the minute you were born. And from the minute you were born, it was learning. You’re simply observing what it is that you’re hearing.

It’s being filtered into another part of you.

Through all of your conditioning – punishments and rewards, schooling and experiential learning – your other-than-conscious learns to do certain things, to expect certain things and create a metaphorical map of what will happen to you in your life which could predict successes, failures, areas in which you do well, and areas in which you wouldn’t.

It has numerous roles and you will be infinitely powerful in your persuasion when you understand this about your other-than-conscious…

One is to keep you alive and the other thing is to make you keep on doing what you’ve been doing. That’s where problems can come in and can lead to us feeling stuck or held back emotionally. You want to raise your game, not stay the same.

Our other-than-conscious may have been sabotaged by receiving negative conditioning of ‘I can’t do it’. This is the portion of who you are that can make something a habit and then not have to keep remembering it. This can work for the positive or the negative.

You’re going to experience an enormous difference in your life as we reframe the power of your other-than-conscious and engage it to aide us in exploring how far we can go.

The most important thing you can do is to become its friend. You must have rapport with it.

When I first heard this I laughed. I thought, “What do you mean I have to become a friend with some other part of me?”. But if you’ll just take a leap of faith, I think you’re going to find that it makes a huge difference in the way you see things and you’ll get a whole lot further a whole lot quicker in your persuasion.

It’s this simple: have a kind conversation with yourself. Ask for what you need help with. How about: ‘gentle giant, I’d really love it if we doubled our income this year and I know we can absolutely do that.’ Or how about, ‘I know in the past we’ve been trained to believe that we’re not worthy of the right kind of relationship, but I’d like for us to have a really good connection and I know you can help with that.’

Or maybe, “I’d love it if my persuasion skills went through the roof and you are the one to really turn to in seeking an ally.” Just try it and see what kind of results you get.

Remember the role of your other-than-conscious mind as it relates to success.

Everything that you are, everything that you do, and everything that you have began with your intention to have it in one way or another is controlled by your other-than-conscious mind. All you have to do is tap into your persuasive power and your persuasion skills will naturally develop.

Until then,

Kenrick E. Cleveland

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Jay - August 10, 2007

Kenrick, I have listened to one of you tape sets over and over again. I love it. It has also started me reading and devouring Kilsteins stuff too. I am getting into copywriting and was hoping you could cover something about nested loops. Kilstein talks about them, I have read about them but can’t seem to find the proper way to apply them. Would you mind giving me a little insight? Thanks.


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