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Hi Persuader,

Despite the predictability of human nature, we’re pretty complex creatures. Even if all things were equal (education, parenting, etc) where one person is achieving goal after goal, others get stuck in holding patterns.

Maybe you’re in a holding pattern, feeling unable to escape your current state of complacency and you really want to change your approach to selling. The first step is: begin to change.

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by how much change must take place in order to achieve your goal. But taking things one day at a time and simply beginning at the beginning, by taking that first step, you’ll soon realize how much progress you’re making already.

To quote David Viscott, “If you could get up the courage to begin, you have the courage to succeed.” And since you’re reading this article on MAXpersuasion.com, you have already begun shifting your focus from complacency to an entirely new understanding of persuasion and ultimately you’re on the road to being able to persuade the affluent.

You don’t have to map it out alone. Having taken your first step, the next is to get one of the basic programs, like the GSP e-course or The Persuasion Factor. Or, if you’re seriously ready for a dive into the deep end of persuasion, my Elite Coaching Club is absolutely the way to go.

Some past highlights of Elite Coaching Club lessons which will be interwove in future lessons: The Importance of Rapport. How to get it, how to keep it; Criteria: The hot button of persuasion. If you’ve got your prospect’s criteria, you’ve got the sale; Framing–shifting your prospect’s perspective to include your product or service. And lately, we’re really delving deep into framing and we’re going to continue deeper yet.

More and more our lessons have really begun to focus on the work we do with the affluent clientele we’re looking to persuade and as we move forward, I’m going to aim, with laser-like precision, at just this target audience. Why not focus solely on the affluent? They’re the ones with money.

On the flip side of these persuasion skills, we also work on the fundamentals of human nature using ourselves as the guinea pigs. If we can’t persuade ourselves, if we can’t understand what makes us tick, there’s absolutely no way we’re going to persuade or understand others.

With that said, we explore a huge variety of techniques from mapping out our personal, business and public universes in order to learn to manifest exactly what we want to investigating our relationships with intention so as to set ourselves up for success every single time we put our minds to it. We work on clearing out our subconscious minds, eliminating distractions and the things that hold us back, at the same time learning how to communicate with our other than conscious to aid us in our learnings. And we use an unbelievably revolutionary technique to tap out emotional resistance in ourselves which I credit for being one of the top three triggers in the shedding of 140 pounds of extra weight I had been carrying for years.

The Elite Coaching Club is exactly that: Elite. It’s not for the faint of heart. It’s for people who actually want to get down to the real work of supercharging their lives on all fronts. Another advantage: you’ll be working directly with me and my advanced student who are the tops in their fields and are growing and achieving in ways they weren’t even aware were possible.

By all means, start with the GSP e-course, work your way through the Persuasion Factor, and when you’re ready for more intense work, contact Kim and find out about the Elite Coaching Club.

Until Next Time,

Kenrick E. Cleveland

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Dave Gagner - January 7, 2008

This article reminds me of all the projects I started and actually worked on in comparison to the projects I thought about yet never did anything to make happen.

The difference for me was figuring out the simplest first step and taking it. The old adage, “a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.”

Now, with hundreds of projects behind me, it is evident that action is the key to getting started. Sometimes it is as simple as scheduling time to figure out the first physical activity to take – which makes the scheduling of the step-determination the first step.

And then after every step or action the immediate action is to determine when to perform the next action. After a few actions, the activity is well under way.

Even today when I study persuasion, I map out what I am going to do next and then do it at the scheduled time along with scheduling the next step. Adding it all up, after I kindle the thought to develop a burning desire to become a master persuader, I still take one step along the path to mastery.

I guess after all this, it still comes down to finding a track to run on and get started.


Gbadebo - January 8, 2008

Hi Ken,

Compliments of the new season.
People like you should be honoured. i mean it.
U Provide me with versatile absolutely free of charge.
Pls expand my horizon.


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