Breaking News: They Are About To Hijack Your Mind

You see the ticker go across the screen.

Your heart slowly starts picking up speed…

…then skips a beat.

What now?

And then it starts to play out.

Step by step they follow the “secret”
strategy for controlling the masses.

You are thrown you off balance…

Left emotionally crippled.

So that you will easily accept what is around
the next turn.

And what will that be?

Whatever their is agenda is!

It’s not a conspiracy theory…

These types of strategies are being deployed
against you every day.

Just take for example this News Article that
popped up on my Facebook feed today:

A New Your Daily News Article with the headline…


A policy tool… that’s a nice way of saying
your mind just got infiltrated to pass the
government’s agenda.

Former US President Franklin D.
Roosevelt said it best…

“In politics, nothing happens by accident.
If it happens, you can bet it was planned
that way.”

The question you need to ask yourself is…

What is the ultimate plan?


This is exactly why I created my brand new
program, The Propaganda Switch.

To expose the “secret” strategy being used against
you-to hijack your mind – because knowledge is the first
step to overcoming the abuse.

But that is not enough.

There is a critical second step you need to have
if you want to stop their attempts dead
in their tracks and that is…

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