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Hi Persuader,

Let’s continue our discussion that we began with The Fundamentals of Forgiveness article. This is an extremely powerful subject that I want to give a good amount of attention here.

You’ve heard the saying, "a person takes three steps forward and two back". How would you like to eliminate the need to take the two steps back?

Here’s the key: Focusing on something will draw more of it to you. When you focus on anger, it draws more of that to you. When you focus on being a money magnet, it draws more money to you you. So it’s not surprising that forgiveness allows us to focus on positive things in life while leaving the negative behind.

I want to talk about how we can use forgiveness to benefit ourselves in very pragmatic ways.

Where do you want to get ahead in life but find your progress blocked? This would be a perfect area to use the tool of forgiveness.

You’ve had a lot of trials and tribulations, a lot of anger and resentment and witholds where people have kept from you what they should have given you; and where you’ve witheld the understanding from yourself that you should have given yourself, and so on. The good news is…

By forgiving yourself and others, you can… clear this garbage out of your unconscious mind.

Forgiveness doesn’t have to be done in person with those whom you’ve upset or who have upset you. Please hold in your mind this thought uppermost:

Forgiveness is done to benefit ourselves, first and foremost, not somebody else.

The first step in forgiveness: you have to be sincere about it. You have to be willing to let it go. This isn’t the act of forgiving, it’s the genuine deal. And if you find that you’re not fully letting it go, then you haven’t yet fully forgiven yourself or others. This is going to really create results in your life.

For this exercise you’ll need a piece of paper and a pen…

Think about yourself first. Can you identify times when you did something to someone, or just did something that you’re not proud of? Write them down.

And how about times that you’ve wronged others? Write them down.

How about times that you were too hard on yourself? Write them down.

Write it all down – a list of all the things that you can think of. For each one, write specifically what you did and to whom.

Then write how you have carried that with you, because obviously if you remember it, you’ve carried it with you. So, how have you carried it wit you, in the form of what? Anger? Guilt?

How have you blamed youself or how have you been hard on yourself as a result? You want to basically state that you are now forgiving yourself, because when you forgive yourself first you’re going to find it easy to forgive other people.

And then take what you’ve written and turn it into a letter to yourself and read it making sure that you’ve said all you need to say.

Now, this next step is crucial to the process of forgiveness and the power of influencing yourself and others…

Once you’ve gotten your letter written and it looks really good, the final powerful step is to take it outside, where it’s safe and you have some privacy and read your letter aloud to the universe and state clearly what you’ve done and that you are forgiving yourself for it.

Release it all.

Once you’ve read it then light it on fire and burn it up. And as you do, you’re setting all of that negative energy free. You’re releasing all the anger and bitterness and resentment that you’ve held onto about yourself.

When nothing remains but ashes, give a statement of thanks and deeply appreciate yourself for freeing up the negative energy so you can strongly move ahead in your life. Dwell in the energy of freedom and marvel at how much lighter, more energetic you feel.

Once you’ve forgiven yourself, it’s time to forgive others…

Think about how others have done you wrong. Get out your pen and paper. Think about the areas in your life where you seem to not be getting results.

Can you identify times when someone did you wrong? When they really screwed you over?

How about a job. We’ve all had jobs where we’ve just been screwed. How about times when you’ve felt cheated or taken advantage of? How about times when you’ve felt unappreciated? How about times you were lied to or were told what amounted to be untruths?

Write a list of those people and for each name, write a separate letter. You may have a bunch of letters here but that’s okay. Start with the biggest offenders first. The ones that have made you the most upset in your life first.

Write out your forgiveness for them. And for each person, you’re going to write them a separate letter. What did they do to you that you have carried with you in your heart? How did you carry resentment about this issue? What negativity were you wishing to happen to them? Say it clearly.

And finally…

Now that you’ve formally and completely forgiven them on all levels for what they did to you, it’s time to go back out to your private, safe place and read all the letters. Burn them, releasing all of it. Then, spend a few moments basking in the sense of freedom and release that you experience.

Once we’ve cleaned out the trash, we have so much room for abundance and prosperity to flow directly to us. And this is what makes a solid foundation for your persuasion skills to really have an impact on your life.

Forgiveness is in itself a form of persuasion – we are persuading our unconscious to release the negativity it’s been harnessing for so long, and to grasp the positive hope and excitement for the future. Only then can we truly be free from the mental blocks that hold so many of us back from achieving the life we desire.

"Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future." – Paul Boese

Without getting too personal, I would absolutely love it if you would post any results you’ve had with this exercise to the blog, whether this is something new to you or something you’ve already experienced. We will all benefit from each other’s comments.

Until Next Time,

Kenrick E. Cleveland

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Jim Rivas - August 2, 2007

Great Article. The subject of forgiveness is often overlooked in the process of personal growth. For some people, just letting go is too difficult in their minds because, even if it hurts, it’s familiar.

Letting go is a hugely important step in finding your new self and attracting what you want into your life. And I know this from personal experience.

About 2 years ago, I attended a breakthrough seminar; a 3 day intensive look at self, goals, purpose, and growth. On the last day of that seminar we did an excercise where each of us got an opportunity to sit in the chair in the middle of the room, with everyone else who had attended in a circle around the person on the Hot Seat. By this point in the event, we all knew each other pretty well as the group was small, about 30 people.

When my turn came, I was wondering what I was going to get out of the excercise. I already had some pretty serious prosperity happening in my life by that point in time. I thought I had released it all. I was wrong.

These 29 people saw right through me, and while I had not spoken 1 word about my father during the previous 2 1/2 days, I was overwhelmed with the accuracy with which this group of individuals could see my pain. Who was I fooling. So we did a “forgiveness and release” excercise and what a burdon was lifted from my soul. I felt like I could fly after the experience. There was such a vacume, yet it felt good a what was not missing was pain.

What replaced it? Within 2 months my income had trippled, to over six figures per month. That’s right. My life became effortless, and I’ve never had a bad day since. I’ve learned the importance of forgiveness and release. It’s huge!

Kenrick, you are right dead on with this and I hope my story will help others undertand the stakes here. It’s everything … the level of struggle you have in your life is directly proportional to the amount of baggage you carry. When you are hurting inside, you attract more hurt.

Have no fear … release it. And your new vacume will be filled with more of what you want!


Ted Elvhage - August 2, 2007

I’m very impressed with the improvements you’ve done in how you are communicating with me (and all other interested). The new post is a very cool tool and your subjects are almost always very relevant for me. Just wanted to extend a sincere thanks for being there and sharing,
all the best
– Ted

Patricia Winston - August 2, 2007

Excellent principle – in the act of burning the painful memory, the fire destroys and the smoke goes to source as a prayer – all is done – and ends well. A new beginning comes from the ashes.

Nelson - August 5, 2007

“The Lord helps him who helps himself” is a phrase I’ve heard before but not sure of it’s origin.
“…forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us…” Identified long ago the
concept of forgiveness in the Christian faith. For many folks it is wonderful to walk through life
frequently addressing the forgiveness concept and accepting through faith the benefits they
receive through thoughtful prayer.

For others it is equally beneficial to have an adviser who understands concepts such as forgiveness
and to contribute it’s meaning and wonderful potential for the first time.

The degree of the method one uses to forgive them self… to release their negative energy,
is the degree to which they’ll experience that state of mental peace and it’s accompanying benefits.

Let’s all take out the garbage shall we?

Let’s all persuade ourselves successfully first so that we understand the mindset it takes
to persuade others to their benefit.

Through the concept of personal contribution for the benefit of mankind we can’t fail to benefit

Some time ago I learned that “taking out the garbage” was a powerful spiritual exercise.
It — along with knowledge of other concepts became the manner that governed my thoughts
consciously. I had developed and attitude of charity that I recommend highly to all.

Within a short period of time the unconscious accepts and adopts what I faithfully believed
to be true. I know that because I believe in the concept of “according to your faith it is done.”

Our whole purpose in life is to contribute our individual uniqueness for the benefit of mankind.
We use persuasion and influence as (spiritual) tools to contribute acceptable value to human

So how important is the concept of forgiveness?

Several thousand years ago The Master while hanging on a cross spoke “Father forgive them…”

Thank you Kenrick, and forgive me if I sounded like a religionist. It was never my intention.


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