Clone of The Dark Side of Covert Hypnosis

Discover How To Replace Someone’s Reasoning With Your Own…Without Any Argument, Persuasion Or Compromise

Instantly put someone’s conscious mind to bed…reprogram their views of right and wrong…turn them into your very own puppet on strings…using the most powerful method for speaking to the unconscious mind…

Dear Friend,

Is it even possible…

To cause someone to commit an act that violates their moral code…taking control over their “will”…while turning them into your very own puppet?

Imagine for a second…

As you open your eyes, you take in the grey, concrete walls and…realize you are locked behind metal bars in a 6×8 ft. solitary jail cell.

You look down and notice…your hands are stained red. In place of your clothing is an orange jumpsuit. White socks rest upon your feet.

Your heart begins to pound a relentless beat. Loud. Hard. Fast. It was as if John Bonham was beating on the drums…his “Moby Dick” solo playing from within your chest.

Now imagine…

You have no idea why you are in jail…

You have zero recollection of the night before…

You don’t drink or take drugs…

And, you have never been in trouble a day in your life.

Are you waking up to a nightmare or beginning to read one of James Patterson’s best selling novels?

The Answer Might
Surprise You!

Without your knowledge or consent, you can be hypnotized and programed to do someone else’s bidding…with a failsafe for all wanted memories to be erased from your brain on their command…

Making you the perfect patsy…just another pawn in the game of chess…to be sacrificed for someone else’s cause.

Impossible! You might think.

Welcome to the Dark Side of Covert Hypnosis…

The Most Dangerous Skills And Strategies I Have Ever Revealed

(So Powerful You Must Sign a Waiver Before Joining)

There will be no scripts to memorize.

No gold watches, gently swinging from left to right.

And, definitely no clucking like a chicken on-stage.

I want you to pay very close attention…

Because what I am about to share, will shock you right out of your britches.

You have been misinformed on the power of hypnosis!

If people realized how vulnerable they really were when placed under a hypnotic trance…they would fail to utilize hypnosis for all its good.

You see…

Most people believe that it’s impossible to cause someone to commit an act against their will or moral code…

Those people would be …100% Wrong.

And not for any of the reasons you might be thinking, but because….

What “Will”?

What Moral Code?

We can all agree…violent crimes, such as murder, go against our “moral code”…and shatter our sense of right and wrong.

But, what happens when you place that violent crime…murder…into a specific context? Do you still stand by your moral code? Or is there any context in which murder becomes acceptable…allowing you to walk away with a clear conscious?

For example…

In times of war, our soldiers are told…“protect yourself at all costs”…“shoot the enemy or be shot.” When following those orders…we don’t add up their “crimes”…but instead applaud them for their heroism…their patriotism.

Now, lets take it down a notch…

How do you feel about stealing?

We are conditioned from an early age to believe that stealing is wrong…that hard work brings reward…education, employment, security.

But…what if hard work is not enough?

What if you struggle to put food on the table?

What would you do to provide for yourself…your family…if you knew there would be no negative consequences? If you could walk into your local grocery store and “steal” what you needed.

Do you bend your “moral code”? Or do you tell your children…your family…that they must go hungry?

Do you start to rationalize in your own head that the grocery store won’t miss the $10 worth of food you stole…when in reality, it probably cost them less than $4? You say to yourself, “It’s not as if this will put them out of business.” And you have shopped there for years, lining their pockets with profits. Because the truth is…

Context Changes Any Given Situation…

And when you change the context of a situation, your perception of right or wrong can easily be swayed…allowing you to override your will… your moral code.

You see…someone’s moral code is just as pliable as a piece of clay…always molding to your changing perception.

So when you hear, “You can’t force someone do something against their will or moral code…”

You must say to yourself, “What will…what moral code?”

But, what happens when you want to take it one step further and bypass someone’s logic center all together…making them no longer in charge of deciding what is right or wrong?

How can we put their conscious mind to bed and…

Implant Our Reasoning

Deep Inside Their Unconscious Mind….

Allowing you to hijack their decisions…play on their emotions and…control any reasoning they might otherwise have?

The answer is simple…


…the most effective medium for speaking directly to the unconscious mind.

So What is Hypnosis?

As Milton Erickson (the most influential hypnotherapist of the 20th century) once defined…

“…a state of consciousness or awareness in which there is a marked receptiveness to ideas and understanding and an increased willingness to respond either positively or negatively to those ideas.” [Collected Paper, vol. IV, 224]


Since hypnosis suspends conscious activities by increasing the blood flow to the occipital region…you are left freely to plant suggestions straight into the unconscious mind without worry of pre-formed opinions, values or beliefs….eliminating resistance you might otherwise face.

And just as any YES STRATEGIST knows…our greatest weapon for receiving YES’s in all of our communications is the unconscious mind and…the Dark Side of Covert Hypnosis…

In The Right Hands…

Changes Our Realm Of Possibilities

To some it’s merely a tool for therapy or a show they witness on stage…but to a few…it is a power they command to get all they desire.

“I can hypnotize a man — without his knowledge or consent — into committing treason against the United States.” George Estabrooks, Chairman of the Department of Psychology at Colgate University


And that power has been cultivated and harnessed to make unsuspected victims perform acts that they would otherwise never conceive of accomplishing…from robbery and extortion, to becoming a “hypnospy” for our government and even murder….

What I am going to reveal inside the Dark Side of Covert Hypnosis will turn everything you thought you knew…

Much Darker & More

Powerful Than Ever Before


Best Training On Using Advanced Hypnotic Skills…

The Dark Side Of Covert Hypnosis is the best training on using advanced hypnotic skills overtly and covertly for everything you can achieve with hypnosis. You can use it to improve your abilities as a therapist, as a sales person or as a persuader for any goal to a level few people can even imagine. Of course, it is no magic wand giving you anything anytime. But it is as close to the magic hypno wand as it can be.

Henry, Germany

As you are aware, many years ago, I released an extremely controversial course – The Dark Side I of Persuasion. It was an instant hit…exposing 17 of the most devastating Dark Side patterns known to man.

Even though my colleagues begged and pleaded for me to keep this information to myself…I refused to allow this powerful material to continue remaining in the hands of only a select few.

With its release, the program became an instant cult classic…although, the information it contained, revealed only the tip of the iceberg. While the goal of Dark Side I was to strictly expose the 17 evil patterns to the world, it taught my students to protect themselves.


When I released Dark Side II several years later, I dove much deeper into what is possible with these patterns and how to protect yourself from their power. The course spanned over 20 hours and was even more controversial than Dark Side I.

But…I still had only cracked open Pandora’s Box…

Until now…


The Dark Side of Covert Hypnosis

“Is hypnosis dangerous? It can be. Under certain circumstances, it is dangerous in the extreme. It has even been known to lead to murder. Given the right combination of hypnotist and subject, hypnosis can be a lethal weapon.” George Estabrooks


Pushing Straight Through The Boundaries Of Everything You Thought Was Possible…

The Dark Side of Covert Hypnosis includes a full blown advanced hypnosis course. You will receive over 8 hours of video from a previous class I taught on advanced hypnosis. To make sure that you have the latest up to date information at your fingertips, I will be annotating each video…and you will have access to over 10 hours of Coaching calls recordings that will guarantee you will become an expert hypnotist by the end of this section.

And this 8+ hours of video and complete hypnosis training course are just the beginning…an added bonus that I would normally sell separately for $695.


All Ways Delivers A Hi Level Of Value…

Kenrick always in all ways delivers a hi level of value If you want to learn what takes to be a magican of persuasion, say BY to your old way of doing things and END the insanity. Start TODAY your new begining. You’ll find by the end of the today studying with Kenrick how much of a impact he make with you like me!

Desmond, New Zealand

The real course will teach you how to take full control of someone else’s mind…overtly and covertly…turning them into your hypno-slave.

The program will be an advanced, hands-on coaching course spanning several months. The first 8 weeks will cover Module 1, Advanced Hypnosis training, in which you will receive a new section once a week. This will give you plenty of time to practice and integrate the material before continuing with the next section. Included with Module 1 is access to the four hours and thirty minutes of recorded calls from the precious group, learning session and feedback in the private community.

After you complete Module 1 (Advanced Hypnosis Training), you will receive a new module every other week. The course consists of 6 total modules, plus 1 bonus module and 2 Bonus expert audio interviews.

When you sign-up today…below are just a few of the amazing discoveries you will make…

Advanced Hypnosis (Module 1)

Although I am known for my teachings of “YES STRATEGIES” and my Dark Side programs…what most people don’t realize…is I have an extensive background in hypnosis (and Ericksonian Hypnosis).

I am a certified master hypnotist and hypno-therapist. I trained at length with Carole Erickson (Milton Erickson’s daughter) and Richard Bandler..and went on to assist in their trainings of others. I also trained with Dave Dobson and ran a hypnotherapy center along with…consulting for the highest grossing hypnotherapy centers in the world.

The videos you will be receiving when you sign-up for the Dark Side of Covert Hypnosis were…recorded as an additional segment offered to my students who participated in my past Master Practitioner NLP training program.

Inside these videos (over 8 hours) you will benefit from my 35+ years of experience…transforming you into a master hypnotist.

Even if you never intended to practice Hypnosis…this training will greatly improve your ability in receiving YES’s. It will give you the opportunity to expand your language skills, sensory acuity, story telling capabilities…and so much more.

* If you are not familiar with terms like embedded commands, double binds, presuppositions, as well as, different types of language patterns, this course is too advanced for you. You will be better served to partake in one of our other courses (such as Persuasion Factor) before joining this advanced program.

** The videos in module 1 are taken from an advanced training I did in the 1980’s…they are not professionally recorded.

Here are just a few of the things you will discover in the Advanced Hypnosis Training:

Dark Side of Covert Hypnosis (Modules 2-6 & Bonus Module)

You are about to embark on a ride so dark, so dangerous…you must first sign a waiver before joining this program (located on the checkout page) where…

You will discover the secrets behind taking control of someone else’s unconscious mind and…turning them into your very own puppet through hypnosis.

This program is not only going to test the boundaries, but push them further than we have ever explored before…giving you the upper-hand in everything that you do.

Just as I exposed the nastiest and most evil patterns known to man in my past Dark Side courses…this program will continue in that tradition…keeping my students’ best interest at heart…allowing you to protect yourself from evil-doers.

And when you sign-up today, you will be part of this incredible journey all the way down the rabbit hole…to its darkest and most dangerous places…that many wish would remain hidden.

Below is a brief outline of what we will experience together:

Just imagine how much power your words and actions will hold…after you finish this program. The possibilities are never ending when you apply the concepts found in the Dark Side of Covert Hypnosis…and speak directly to the unconscious mind.


Kenrick’s That Good…

Amazing course! Almost to the point, if not over in terms of information overload…but then again, you shouldn’t try to absorb everything in one sitting. You’ll need to review many times…Kenrick’s that good and packs so much into this course.

Karl, New Jersey

Your Bonus Bonanza

We’re pilling it on, like an over-stuffed NEW YORK cornbeef sandwich, and serving it up with only 1 goal in-mind…



Our juicy, prime, melt-in your mouth Bonuses will induce your prospects into salivating on your every word.

And because we wanted to ensure, by the time you completed the Dark Side of Covert Hypnosis…your words…will become more powerful then you ever imagined…

We are providing you…

  • 3 additional language trainings
  • An advanced hypnosis program
  • Private forum access
  • Access to 10+ hours of recorded coaching calls (where the previous students of the program extracted one golden nugget after another from me). And if there is any question that I have answered, you can always ask in the private forum or during our 1-on-1 coaching call (if you are one of the first 20 people to act now and grab the 1-on-1 bonus).


(Totaling over $2006.97 value)…

Here is what we put together just for you:

Your Words Will Become Powerful Magic…

Seducing the Unconscious
With Embedded Commands…


…The most comprehensive lesson I have ever taught on the power of embedded commands in conversations and writing.

This lesson is so in-depth that it spanned 3 advanced coaching calls (over 2 hours and 45 minutes long). Included with the audio is a workbook, as well as, a bonus report on Embedded Directives in Sales & Marketing.

My past private coaching club members paid over $1000 per month for this material, but now I’m making it available to you for only $99.99 FREE.

After you finish listening to this material, you will have countless examples on how to use and construct embedded commands. But, even more important, you will know how to conjure them up at will… to seduce the unconscious mind.

Here are a few things you are going to discover:

  • How to prime the brain to put your prospect in the right frame of mind…allowing your messages to sink deeply into the unconscious.
  • What you must know when using embedded commands in speaking vs. writing…this is rarely talked about and will make all the difference in how effective your commands are.
  • The easy technique that will place any of your commands on steroids.
  • The 5 things you must know to make your commands stand out and how to combine them for maximum power.
  • How to use embedded commands to change someone’s emotional state…just imagine how good you will feel once you can seed emotions straight into the unconscious.

The Persuasion Intensifier…



I am often asked, “Kenrick, what is the fastest way to increase my persuasion abilities?”

Which is usually followed by them wanting me to provide a “magic-bullet language pattern” that will persuade anyone and… if you have been following my material for any period of time, you know… there is no such thing.

The only way to become a Powerful Persuader is to master the fundamentals.

Verbal Pacing and Leading is one such building block you must master..


It serves as the framework that you will use to embedded all other language patterns (and persuasive language),
intensifying their effects. This is truly one of those skills that is so powerful, but severely under-utilized.

Now you can receive…

Master Verbal Pacing and Leading for just $49.99 FREE…

And You Will Learn:

  • What is Verbal Pacing and Leading and why mastering this one skill will make you more persuasive instantly…Allowing all your messages to be accepted by the unconscious and conscious mind.
  • The secret to properly using “Truisms”…and avoiding the #1 mistake people make when using them as a pacing statement.
  • How to use the verbal pacing and leading format that will drop your prospects into an altered state…moving them from an external state to an internal one…Turning all your language into hypnotic language.
  • What is the “Unconscious Yes Set”…and why if you are still using the old fashion “Yes Set” taught in sales training programs, you are setting yourself up for failure.
  • How the T.V. show COPS uses the “No Set” to get citizens to willingly hand over their rights. Once you learn this concept, please use it responsibly!
  • Hear countless examples of how to construct proper pacing and leading statements.
  • Receive a state of the art Learning Session, allowing you to learn and implement this material easily and effortlessly…for FREE! ($99 value).
  • And much, much more…


As if that was not enough…

Here is what you will receive inside the Verbal Pacing and Leading – The Persuasion Intensifier Program Bonus for only $49.99 FREE.

  • 57 minute recording taken from one of my previous coaching club calls. Past members of my coaching club paid thousands of dollars to be on these calls.
  • 14 page PDF so you can follow along throughout the lesson.
  • Verbal Pacing and Leading Learning Session ($99 value). Also included is the Emotional State Conditioning Session that will intensify the effects of the Learning Session.

Attention: Do Not Use On People Operating Heavy Machinery Or Driving!

VAK Language Is Extremely Powerful…



Did you know we communicate in 4 main languages?

  1. “I see what you are saying Kenrick”…Visual Language (V)
  2. “I hear what you are saying Kenrick”…Auditory Language (A)
  3. “I feel what you are saying Kenrick”…Kinesthetic Language (K)
  4. “I am pondering what you are saying Kenrick”…Unspecified Language

When you start by communicating in your prospect’s language, you build rapport and your message is more likely to be accepted by the conscious and unconscious mind.

But the power of VAK language does not start and stop with rapport…

When you learn how to use VAK language, your words will become even more powerful by clogging the conscious mind and…

Allowing Your Messages
To Bypass ALL Resistance


…causing your prospect to go into an altered state.


  • The #1 secret to becoming an expert using VAK and Unspecified language to instantly build rapport with your prospects.
  • How to use your VAK language to persuade a group…allowing your messages to embed deeply into their unconscious mind.
  • How to STOP your prospects from thinking for themselves…while they remain unaware that they are NOT totally in-control of their thoughts and actions.
  • Learn why you want to overlap into different representational systems (Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic and Unspecified) and
    what to do if your prospect drops too deeply into trance.
    (Yes, that could be counter-productive to persuasion…)
  • And much, much more…



Please Use Responsibly – when combined with verbal pacing and leading, rhythmic speaking and embedded commands, your prospects will become programmed by your every word.

Here is what you will receive inside the Advanced Verbal Rapport – VAK Language Bonus for only $59.99 FREE

  • 2 hours of intense training taken from my previous coaching club calls. Members of my past coaching club paid thousands of dollars to participate on these calls.
  • PDF containing a list of Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic and Unspecified predicates.

Access to the Dark Side of Covert Hypnosis Coaching Call Repository + Private Forum

When you join the Dark Side of Covert Hypnosis,
I have one main goal for you…to use these skills and not just be able to talk about them (like with so many other programs). You must…

Not Just Talk the Talk


With access to the Dark Side of Covert Hypnosis private forum and over 10 hours of Live Coaching Calls Recordings…you will have every resource at your disposal…for your complete success with this material.


Delivering Everything It Promises And More!

This course deliver’s everything it promises and more.almost magically. I’m finding new powerful language slip into my sales presentations almost without thinking resulting in my last 2 sales months being my best ever.



Limited Time Bonus:
30 Minute 1-ON-1 Coaching with me Kenrick Cleveland
($397 Value)

Yeah, I get it.

You have questions about this material you don’t want associated with you…publicly…it’s completely understandable.

In this course, we do get down and dirty into some pretty racy subjects.


When you act fast and order now…

You will be one of only 20 students to reap the benefits from a private 30 minute coaching session with me…

Where nothing will be held back or off limits and our conversation will be completely confidential.

But only if you act now and…

Take advantage of this rare opportunity to discuss the Dark Side with me 1-ON-1…and truly learn what’s possible with these skills.

I think you will agree, this special offer for you is valued pack. I am handing you in a nicely wrapped package with everything you need to finally excel with these skills. In no time at all you will covertly or overtly putting people under your spell…giving you the ultimate advantage in getting everything you want in life!

And with me as your guide and coach… you are Guaranteed Success!


Dreaming To Find This Course For Many Years…

This is the course I have been dreaming to find for many years. I am an experienced hypnotist and persuader but some of the secrets revealed so far in the Dark Side of Covert Hypnosis are breathtaking to me. It is hard to wait for the next lesson!

Henrich – Europe

So don’t delay…because with the small number of spots available, you won’t want to miss this limited opportunity…


The Dark Side of Covert
Hypnosis Including…

  • Over 8 Hours of Advanced Hypnosis Training (Value: $697)
  • Dark Side of Covert Hypnosis Training Program (Value: $1347)
  • 3 Bonus Language Trainings (Value: $208.98)
  • Access to Past DSCH Coaching Calls (Value: Priceless)
  • Lifetime Private Dark Side of Covert Hypnosis Community Access (Value: Priceless)
  • And Much, Much More!


Why Am I Not Offering Our Usual Money Back Guarantee?

It’s simple…this is a very exclusive opportunity! With over 8 hours of hypnosis training, 5 Dark Side Modules, 1 Bonus module, Access to 10+ hours of live Coaching call recordings and Learning Sessions, I am sure you see the value being offered.

And, if you have experienced any of my previous programs, I am sure you realize you have nothing to loose and everything to gain…with this newly released information.


Kenrick’s Stuff Rocks…

Kenrick’s stuff rocks. It’s more than just being persuasive in business but helps you in becoming a better person with your family and friends.

Armando, San Diego

I am 100% confident that when you purchase this course and participate in the hypnosis training and coaching program…you will go through a life altering experience. Your eyes will open to a whole new world of possibilities…as you gain a powerful tool for speaking directly to the unconscious mind.

If you are not ready to participate in this life changing experience…and concerned with the no guarantee…this program may not be for you.

But when you click the add to cart button now…you will be on your way to gaining the skills you need to get everything you desire.

For when you join today, you will be one of only a small handful of people that can protect themselves from the Dark Side of Covert Hypnosis.


P.S. We can not stress this enough…the Dark Side of Covert Hypnosis will only be open for a few short days.

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Mark Joyner
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Tadd R.
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Desmond M.
Consulting – New Zealand

“Kenrick, Your content puts us light years ahead of everyone else. It has had a dramatic impact on my ability to persuade and engage my clients. I love using it and watching the results.””

Marus C
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