Do you Twitter? A great tool for connecting.


For quite some time friends of mine kept suggesting I get on Twitter. For the life of me I couldn’t figure out why I would want to do that.

It seemed like another medium that would suck away my time and I just didn’t get it.

Finally after enough pressure, I decided to at least check it out – it’s free. And all of a sudden the light went on.

Twitter is a great way to connect, stay informed, follow industry leaders, make friends – all in 140 characters or less. 🙂

If you don’t yet know about Twitter, here’s a great article by Lynn Terry that will quickly give you the basics. Check it out.

If you are already on Twitter, let’s connect. You can find me on Twitter here – just click on follow.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on Twitter, how long you’ve been using it, how you use it etc.

Oh, and check this out – just under the words Share and Enjoy belowj, you’ll see the 5th icon (last one on the right) is a faint blue “T”. If you hover over it, it says “Twit this”. Now you can easily share articles you like with your Twitter friends. Try it.


Kenrick Cleveland

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Bruce Kagney - April 20, 2008

If you want an explanation, in plain English, what Twitter is, watch this video.


Kenrick E. Cleveland; Affluent Activator - April 20, 2008

That’s a really good video. I just watched it. Very clear and to the point – just like Twitter. 🙂

Thank you for posting the link.


[quote comment=""]If you want an explanation, in plain English, what Twitter is, watch this video.



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