Dark Side Big Announcement

It’s Darker and More Powerful Than Ever Before

Introducing the Dark Side Of Covert Hypnosis…

Nothing will be held back…

The information inside this course is so dangerous when placed in the wrong hands…
and you will be required to sign a waiver releasing all liability from
MaxPersuasion.com before purchasing.

As you are aware, many years ago, I released an extremely controversial course –
The Dark Side I of Persuasion. It was an instant hit…exposing 17 of the most devastating
Dark Side patterns known to man.

Even though my colleagues begged and pleaded for me to keep this information to
myself…I refused to allow this powerful material to remain in the hands of only a few.

With its release, the program became an instant cult classic…although, the information
it contained reveled only the tip of the iceberg. While the goal of Dark Side I was to strictly
expose the 17 evil patterns to the world, it allowed my students to protect themselves.


When I released Dark Side II several years later, I dove much deeper into what is
possible with these patterns and how to protect yourself from their power. This course
spanned over 20 hours and was even more controversial than Dark Side I.

But…I had only cracked open Pandora’s Box…

Until now!

Announcing, The Dark Side of Covert Hypnosis, launching December 3, 2012

The Dark Side of Covert Hypnosis is a full blown hypnosis course. You will receive over
8 hours of video from a previous class I taught on advanced hypnosis. I will be annotating the
videos to make sure you have the latest and greatest information at your fingertips…

And these videos are just an added bonus…

The real course will teach you how to take full control of someone’s mind…overtly and
covertly…making them your hypno-slave.

This will be an advanced coaching course spanning several months. Every other week
you will receive a professionally recorded audio. And, then the following week, we
will hold a Live Q&A call.

This coaching program will be limited to the first 50 people… with current Dark Side
members receiving the first opportunity to join the course.

Stay tuned for more details…

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