Free Content Friday – Embedded Commands

This weeks Free Content is taken from the min-course we just released on embedded commands.

Embedded commands are one of the most powerful tools, to let your messages slip past the conscious mind and speak directly to the unconscious mind - allowing your messages to bypass all resistance.

When you listen to the 14 minute clip you will learn:

  • Why embedded commands are so powerful
  • What's really happening at a deeper level with embedding commands in your language
  • Hear examples of embedded commands in action
  • Learn what a shadow and embedded commands have in common

This course sells for $99.99



100% No Risk Money Back Guarantee

You have nothing to risk with our 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you don't find this the most informative material on using embedded commands then you can request a full refund at

When you click the buy now button you will have 7 days to evaluate the program inside our members area. Once the 7 days are completed you will be able to download all the materials to listen on your devices or computer.

Or you can visit for more details.

Live Training Announcement

Selling Ice to Eskimos - The 5 Pillars of Persuasion

Join us this Tuesday at 6pm EST for a special webinar. Kenrick will be discussing the 5 pillars of persuasion. You don't want to miss this live event, because there will be an incredible announcement at the conclusion...with an opportunity for you to get free training ($327+ value) and a 20 minute consultation with Kenrick ($333.33 value).

Our lines can only hold 250 people - so make sure to come early.

To access the webinar sign-in to your membership area and click on the Selling Ice to Eskimos under Webinars.

Warmly, Kenrick

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