Going back to the 80’s

I wanted to change it up a bit this week…

Buckle up…we are getting in the Cleveland time-machine and heading back to the good old 80’s.

This video clip was taken during an Advanced Hypnosis seminar I taught for my students who finished their NLP Master Practitioner training.

In the video I demonstrate how to use a hypnotic test to induce trance. Then I revivify the trance instantly by having my student describe the trance to me…and I knock him out even deeper.

If you have some hypnosis and NLP experience you will be able to use this sort of induction with ease. If you don’t have any experience with hypnosis post a comment and I will be sure to answer them.

Have a great weekend! And here is to knowing what is possible…


P.S. We are in the process of updating our site with a new design. Would love to hear your feedback. Many changes coming in the near future…

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