Have you ever been blown away by a magician’s act?

Here is a question I get from time-to-time and just got it again, so thought I’d answer it here on the blog. It comes from one of our readers named George.

I’m very curious Kenrick with no offense.

If you are a masterful communicator and can persuade others to take action with hypnotic language.what stopped you from doing that with yourself years ago with the weight issue?

I’m glad your healthier 🙂

Hi George,

Well… many times, while experiencing what I do, people exclaim – “Jesus – incredible“… and in that moment, I’m always reminded of the fact that I have not yet arrived at that level.

I have many failings – I have failed to implement a strategy to create the kind of net worth I should have by now, I’ve not always made the best choices in women (past tense), still occasionally find myself getting ticked off when a taxi driver cuts me off on the road and even though I’ve made significant progress, have not yet mastered my weight/fitness.

In fact, there are SO many areas that I have failed to master that I think I might need at least several more lifetimes – but alas, I still may not reach all that is possible. That is the bitter sweet reality of life. We can always strive to be better, and we will never reach all that is possible.

Even something as obvious as using my programming skills on myself is not as obvious as it might seem. Have you ever been blown away by a magician’s act? Perhaps the magician literally disappeared something right in front of you. You were amazed. And then, later on, you learned the trick… and you were equally amazed at how you didn’t see what he was really doing at the time. It lost it’s magic. Ever experienced that? You will find quite a corollary to your question there.

The one thing I am, is always reaching for the brass ring. You know, like they used to have on the old Merry-Go-Rounds? If you were lucky and could get on a horse on the outside, you could reach for that ring. If you got it, you’d get a free ride. Even though I didn’t get the ring every time I tried (in fact, I only occasionally got it), it didn’t prevent me from excitedly trying.

The lesson is, that it was the enjoyment of the ride where the focus belongs, not the failure to get the ring. And as a kid, I couldn’t wait to ride again.

All the things that I could count as failures, along with my successes, have created who I am today. I know who I am. And I know who I am not. I am not Jesus and ask not that you blindly follow. I have my faults and limitations. And I have my strengths and expertise.

Far as I can tell, there is no one alive today who has mastered it all. If you should find a person who claims they have, run.

As to learning the inner workings of persuasion, I can and do pull back the curtain to the magic and show how it works. More importantly you can learn how to do wondrous magic when you want. It will then be your task as well to apply it to your own life. It is worth the effort – but only you can determine where to aim your attention to reap the rewards you most want.

I hope this helps clear up the mystery.

And thanks for writing and asking. I’m glad I’m healthier too.

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