How Bandler And Grinder's Omission Is Costing You


If you’ve heard of NLP, you know the primary representational systems.

These were drummed into our heads.

Visual – Auditory – Kinesthetic

And we learned to recognize predicates.

And we learned to watch eyeballs move.

But there were systems that didn’t make it into NLP.

They were left on the floor of John Grinder’s Santa Cruz apartment.

And those were some of the most valuable patterns in existence.

Those were the unconscious patterns that were lost forever.

Until now.

We’ve discovered the source of those missing patterns and we shared them with everyone on a free, live teleseminar this week.

Since you already missed the live version, you can listen to the recording with the link below:



Kenrick Cleveland

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Frank Vlassenbroeck - March 4, 2009

Any chance we will be able to download the MP3 afterwards?

    Kenrick E. Cleveland - March 27, 2009

    Hi Frank,

    Yes, if you voted, we have sent you an email with a link to download. 🙂

    If you didn’t get it for some reason, just write to Kim (kim at maxpersuasion.com) and she’ll help you.

    Kenrick E. Cleveland


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