How to Get More People to Persuade and More Time In the Day

There are two parts to persuasion and selling. Persuading and selling with class, elegance and integrity – and having people to talk with about what you do.

One of the things I’m hearing quite a bit about these days is that you’d like more people to persuade. The question is how.

Another thing I’m hearing is that people are working more hours than ever before.

I’m not and I’ll tell you why and hopefully it will be of help to you too.

Confucius said, “Find a job that you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”. That’s so very true.

Raymond Aaron reiterates this in his book: Double Your Income Doing What You Love. (This is a great book and I highly recommend it. It is full of strategies to implement this process. I’m finding it extremely valuable.)

So the first reason I’m not “working” harder is that I am doing what I love. Yes, I spend a good amount of time doing it, and it is time that is enjoyable.

That said, nobody wants to “work” 16 hours a day.

Nobody wants to be stuck at their computer, or doing grunt work to keep the wheels of their business turning.

The reason you got involved with my materials is so you could be more efficient, persuade easier and close a bigger percentage of those you talk with. In other words, persuasion is a shortcut for you to more success.

My materials will do that for you with helping you master the process of persuasion. But it’s the other side of this that trips most people up.

Without the people to talk with, your persuasion skills don’t help you as much as they could. Of course, one of the saddest things that I hear (on an all to regular basis) goes something like this: “Kenrick, I have a BIG client that I am going to see in 7 days, which of your materials should I study so I will be able to be as persuasive as possible?”. It’s sad because Persuasion is not something you learn in 7 days.

The study of persuasion, human nature, influence and selling is something you get into and stay with so you are always sharp. That said, building your business is where you’ll create the people to be able to persuade so you can grow your income.

In other words, you have to focus on both sides: learning the art of persuasion and growing your business.

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Let’s talk about the growing of your business part for a moment.

First let’s talk about WHAT a business is. In my opinion, it’s a way to leverage the knowledge you have to create bigger results than you could do solely on your own.

If you believe that too, then the next step is to begin to leverage more effectively than you are currently are doing.

The problem many have is creating a “business” that is really nothing more than a job. And that’s about how much it pays too. There’s no leverage and thus little income.

So what’s the key to this leverage? It’s getting other people to do the work and create more profits for you so you can focus on doing what you love. (Again, you gotta see Raymond’s book.)

And a big key to that could be: Outsourcing.

You might have thought about this before and concluded it’s too hard, too expensive, too risky, too time consuming etc.

For me, that’s where Marc Lindsay and Daniel Turner came to the rescue.

These guy are the Masters Who Run Multi-Million Dollar Businesses on Outsourced Labor…

Marc and Dan have built their multi-million dollar (per year) web empire using outsourcing.

They currently have over 140 websites, over 100 “staff”, 3 companies (including one of the world’s most respected SEO companies), and offices on 2 continents – and have several sites and companies that make 7-figures per year.

The Key is Their Systems

This was where I was going wrong and where Dan helped set me straight.

The brilliant part about Dan and Marc’s business is everything runs on systems.

That means Dan and Marc didn’t take on the role of being “outsourcing managers” as their new job title – everything runs by itself, according to the system.

And this means their businesses run themselves, grow themselves, improve themselves, and become more profitable – making Dan and Marc more and more money with practically no time and effort required. Wow.

Dan and Marc’s “Outsource Method”

If you want to find out more about how they did it, Daniel and Marc have just released their “Outsource Method” – their “how-to” guide that gives you the systems and techniques that they use in their own business.

It will show you how they started their business for $50 while they were flat broke – and how you can get started the same way (hiring staff who will take the load off you for just $50 per month).

I have the program and LOVE it. It is changing my life and my business. I’m doing exactly what they say and already have outsourced a number of tasks. (Just doing the work to put together one of the systems I’ve created was incredibly liberating and immediately showed me how I can benefit.)

The $1 Introductory Trial

The price will be going up to $995 on October 15th. But if you get in before Thursday, you can try the full course for $1 (paying $297 in 5 days time if you like what you get.)

If you want to find out more, or get access to Dan and Marc’s Outsource Method at the $1 trial price, here’s the link, outsourcing. This is a direct link, not an affiliate link. If you decide to keep the course, we do not profit (other than to feel good knowing we’ve been of service).

Make sure you get it at the $1 introductory trial price (before Thursday October 15th) – this is incredible information that you won’t want to miss. Check it out and see if you feel like I do with the materials.

If you think this might help you, go check out How to Outsource.

Log into the blog and let me know your thoughts. Are you using outsourcing – either locally or abroad? What are your thoughts?

To having more people to persuade,


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Jack - November 27, 2009


“having people to talk with about what you do”

I’d say “enough” people to talk with about what I do.

I am paying an appointment setter to set my appointments. I am being very efficient and effective. I am paying per appointment. And it’s working just fine for me. It may or may not work for EVERYONE, but it’s worth thinking about it.


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