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Hi Persuader,

Objections. I can safely say that if you are in sales of any kind, you’ve gotten objections before. (If you’re in sales and you haven’t gotten objections, then you’re not in front of enough people and you’ve got yourself a marketing problem.)

What are some of the objections you come up against repeatedly? Think about this. We get the ‘I have to think about it’ objection, the ‘I need to discuss it with my wife/husband/partner’ objection, the ‘I can’t really afford it at this time’ objection. These are common ones that everyone gets from time to time. And then there are objections that come up that are very specific to us.

And when the objections are specific to us, I believe that these objections have more to do with your own internal limiting beliefs. And once you figure out what your limiting beliefs are, you’re going to find yourself sidestepping all sorts of feeble objections.

Most sales people want to simply know how to overcome the objection. I am of the opinion that the only way to overcome many objections is to start figuring out what it is within you that’s eliciting these objections. How did you create the objection? What are you doing that enables your prospects to come up with their objections?

This isn’t a simple task. On the contrary, this is tough. It’s tough to even accept that we’re the ones causing the objection in the first place.

Here’s how you do it: Imagine it. Pretend that your mind is a blank whiteboard. Knowing what you know about this person, your prospect, build the model of their brain in your mind and figure out how it is that they’re coming up with their particular objection. What must be true for them in order for them to come up with that objection? So what must they believe in order to have these particular thoughts? What must they believe and what must be true in their life, in their experience, in order to have that?

Here’s where we get really interesting. How might you be creating the objections you are getting? What language are you using in the presentation that has created that?

This is something that dawned on me sometime back because I discovered an interesting thing about objections. They come in bunches. You know, for a week or two you’ll get, ‘I want to think about it’ or you’ll get ‘the budget doesn’t hold it’ or you’ll get whatever it is, ‘I’ve got to talk to my partner’. Then, you’re going to get one of the other ones and you’ll get those for a few weeks or a month and then you’ll get another one.

Well, what’s happening? Is the whole world out there all of the sudden having to talk to their partner? Or is the whole world out there all of the sudden having a money problem? Is the whole world out there all of the sudden having a ‘think about it’ problem? No.

It’s us. We’re manifesting those objections through either something we are saying or doing.

Based on what you found thinking about it, now look inside to discover what beliefs you hold about the objection you’re getting, the objection of the day. Your beliefs are what’s creating the language that you’re using that might be responsible for the objections.

If we consider the old adage, ‘as above, so below’ then, as within, so without, then we are manifesting the reality that we’re living in. We’re manifesting the objections that we get, the opportunities that we get, the people that are out there, they’re all a mirror of what we are inside.

What is it that we believe about the objections that we get or about the service we provide or about the reality that we are wanting to have more of or less of? As we see it, we need to really start to consider what that means because in one way or another, we’re creating it.

Until Next Time,

Kenrick E. Cleveland

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HarveHeath - February 4, 2008

Hi Ken,

Great article! It’s true isn’t it, to some degree, that our perception is our reality.

Gerard - February 12, 2008

While I actually agree with the story’s premise, it doesn’t provide any solutions. Perception becomes reality… OKAY. Now what do we do about it? All this story has done is articulate the problem. Can we get a solution please? A strategy or two? Don’t just articulate the problem and walk away. That’s like a doctor telling someone they have cancer and simply walking out of the room. Or telling someone, yeah, your arm’s broken… and then nothing more. How do we address this challenge? A little help please!

Spellbinder - June 2, 2008

He can not give you the solution, because he is not you.

Ask you-self. “Why do I/We/You get this objection.?”
If you know what you do maybe it’s because You start strong and then Become a Wimp, then You know what to change.
Personly, I got the first part good and strong, but was missing the second part.. (And the Third, and fourth…. ) Then I know were to work.

Jack - November 27, 2009

I think all you guys who are bitching about objections should be commission only salespeople. You’d starve, methinks.

If you are selling for a living just plow through the objections. Don’t complain. Record your sales calls and learn something new every time. Screw objections. If you’ve been selling for a while, you know that your number one objection will be money or budget. Regardless what your customers/clients say. Believe what you are selling is the greatest thing since the sliced bread! If it’s not, find something that is! Deal with the damned objections. Be a pitbull. That’s your and my job. Everything else is irrelevant bs.

You sell? You eat. You don’t sell? You don’t eat. Simple. Try it sometime.



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