Is this the most powerful Rapport technique?

We continue this week our series on Rapport from the MaxP seminar 2003 in South Beach, Florida. I hope you are finding the content useful and enjoyable.

Part 4 continues where we left off with Rhythm and Vibration and then leads into one of the most powerful techniques for raining rapport instantaneously. This technique can even be used over the phone – which makes it that much more powerful and useful.

Let me Help You!

I really want to hear your feedback on this content. Even more important I want you to go out and use the skills and report back on what worked or what you had problems with – then leave a comment with your questions, success or failures on the blog or Facebook.

The person with the most interesting post will win a 20 minute one on one phone call with me. You will be able to ask me any questions you have on the subject of Rapport.

Will you win? Well, you 100% wont if you don’t leave a comment 😉

Until next week.


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