Kasina (More Than Pretty Sounds and Lights)

The lights swirled.

Dancing around in my mind…

Becoming more and more intense as 
they shifted from one pattern to the next.

The vivid colors opening up your mind.

A deep breath in…

(hold it…hold it)

Now exhale.Front-Kasina-large


All the tension in the shoulders…
back…starting to leave…

…sinking deeper and

Worries, concerns….


Enter the learning state.

The brain was primed and ready to install
these powerful learnings.

You see…

I make no bones about it.

It’s not like I have a super human ability…
and nothing you will ever do will make your
words as powerful as mine when influencing

It was and still is…

A main contributor for my continued
success with the material I teach.

And one of the reasons that my students can 
actually walk the walk and not just talk the talk.

Because lets face it…Kasina-with-accessories-AZ

No one likes to put in the hard work needed to
have unconscious competency.

I only wish I had discovered it when I first
started to learn these skills.

But, then again, I don’t think the technology even existed.

And with the recent release of the brand Kasina Light and Sound machine

Accelerating your learning using my unconscious 
learning sessions will be…even quicker…and more enjoyable.

These new machines leave others I have used
and tested…in the dust.

But it might not be right for you.

You might be the kind of person that likes
to struggle and take the hard way.

No pain…No gain.


No shortcuts for you.

You rather think to yourself that advancing to quickly
will leave you missing something.

Doesn’t the saying go…

All good things come to those who wait!

Or you can…WAKE UP…

Make a sound investment and…

Speed up the process for making your words
receive YESes all day long.

And even though the Kasina Light and Sound machine just hit the market,
I was able to work out a special deal with the
developer (since I helped beta-test the device)…

And right now you can even save big when you purchase the 
Kasina through our newly opened holiday
Take me to the holiday store to grab my Kasina!

(must have a my.maxpersuasion.com account to access…)



P.S. The Kasina makes the perfect gift for you
or a loved one this Holiday Season.

These machines are perfect for anyone who suffers
from stress, trouble sleeping or looking to improve
their health from the benefits of meditation and the use
of supplements infused with natural aids like this d8 tincture.


Any new learning session that I produce will be encoded
for use with these incredible machines.

Take me to the holiday store to grab my Kasina!

(must have a my.maxpersuasion.com account to access…)

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