Kenrick, Make Him Stop Giving Me Money

Kenrick, I just used one of the techniques you teach in Unconscious Persuasion
on a current client.

It took less than two seconds to do and then…

I’m blown away.

The guy won’t go away.

He just keeps popping into my office and buying stuff.

I run a training program and this guy is in one of my courses.

This morning, on the way in to my office I used the [REMOVED] technique.

I only learned it yesterday.

The guy keeps coming into my office and won’t go away.

I’ve seen his wedding picures, photos of his kids, you name it.

But here’s the best part.

After he leaves, he turns around and buys another course.

We just set up a payment plan because he bought $25,000 worth of courses.

We gave him a great discount but we never even tried to sell him anything.

The guy’s going to be living in my office now and thinks I’m his new best friend.



Folks – Phil’s story can be your story.

Just don’t miss the email on Monday morning.

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