Military Language Pattern Contest

I thought it would be fun to have a little contest and give away a membership to the Persuasion Factor.

You won’t just receive 1 month for Free, you are going to receive THE WHOLE PROGRAM – a Full 12 Month Membership – and all the current advertised bonuses.

  • 12 Month Subscription to The Persuasion Factor ($828 value)
  • 36 Chinese Stratagems course on a 1GB MaxPersusion USB Drive ($327 value)
  • Free Consultation with me – ($333.33 value)
  • 15% Discount on all Products
  • 25% Off Kenrick’s Breakthroughs in Persuasion – Program will be announced soon!

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Wow…that is one Fantastic Prize!

Here are all the details to WIN…

Last Weeks Free Content Friday was 2 Military Language Patterns taken from part of a lesson from the Persuasion Factor. (If you haven’t already listened to the lesson you can download it from your membership area. If you don’t already have an account [ppopup id=”3207″]click here to get one[/ppopup].)

The person who constructs the most convincing military pattern wins – you can use pattern 1 or pattern 3 or a combination of both (plus any other pattern or strategy…don’t hold anything back).

But, here is the catch…you have to create the pattern using the following context.


You received an advertisement in the mail for 25% off a 3D flat screen TV that you have been eying for months from a big electronics retailer. You were extremely excited to see the coupon…but unfortunately the coupon has expired since your mail was delayed for three days because of small fire in your local post office. You rush down to the electronics store and ask to talk to the manager to explain the situation.

You have been a very good customer over the years and have spent over $10,000 in the store. In every one of the stores ads they boast about their dedication to customer service.

As you approach the manager you can tell he is already having a bad day and you will need to use your language Kung-Fu to win him over…


Post your entry by leaving a comment below and on Friday 2:00pm EST (10/21/11) we will announce the winner. Entries must be received by 12:00pm EST 10/21/11 to qualify.

Don’t forget that you only have until Saturday to receive the 36 Chinese Stratagems bonus when you sign-up for The Persuasion Factor.

Good Luck and with a prize valued over $1,200 you better bring your A Game:) Please note: All responses will be revealed on Friday when the winner is announced.Check back then to see how you stacked up against the competition.

And the Winner is…


Thanks for everyone who are participated in the contest. We were torn between two entries so we decided to do only the fair thing…give them both THE PRIZE.

Congrats to Thomas and Siegfried for the great effort.

In addition I will posting an audio analysis of the winning entries. Watch your email for an update.

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