My Unsubtle Bribe Can Make You Rich

Hello Persuader,

Hey everyone, I’ve just emerged from my persuasion lab where I’ve created a new motivational recording for you.

It’s called “The Intention Multiplier.”

If you’ve studied my works or trained with me, you’ll note that I talk often about setting your intention before your persuasion work.

To me, it’s integral to my work and success as a persuader.

I don’t just walk in and accept whatever happens.

The first step to success is setting your intention.

And since most people never set their intention, I thought I might help you ramp
up your persuasion skills by creating the “Intention Multiplier” recording.

You can’t BUY this recording anywhere.

But I will GIFT it to you if you will do me (and you) a small favor.

I’d like to know what your persuasion needs are and I’ve constructed a short survey.

I’m interested in creating courses and seminars that fit your needs.

So here’s the bribe –

I will give you the “Intention Multiplier” recording if you help me help you by
filling out the survey.

Just answer all of the questions and you’ll be directed to a secure download page.

I look forward to serving you better and this will help me laser target your needs.


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Larry - August 28, 2009

The art if persuasion if vital to a career in sales. Getting specific on what you need is very important. I love what you are doing in getting a survey to you can provide what everyone desires.

Thank you


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