Ode To Vibration

“We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world.” ~Buddha

Hi Persuader,

Here’s an idea that may seem a little esoteric, a little woo woo, a little California, but put that aside for a moment and trust that I’m not leading you down the path to woo woo.

Hypothetically, imagine that all things in the universe vibrate. Everything. Imagine your prospect vibrating.

What is the speed at which they are vibrating? What is the speed at which you are vibrating? Mesh those two, so you vibrate at their speed. That’s pacing.

Then move the meshed vibrations up or down, wherever you want to be. That’s leading.

Is this a construct in your mind? Absolutely. Does that mean it doesn’t really happen? Not necessarily.

It simply means that you don’t actually have to feel it; in fact, you’re probably not going to feel it, but just build a model in your mind. Can you adjust it? You bet. And that’s what I’m going to suggest that you do.

We’re going to imagine that we’re all vibrating and you’re going to adjust your vibration to where your prospect is. That means speed up or slow down to where they are.

Then you’re going to take them to where you want them to go. You’re going to lead by adjusting your own vibrations.

Vibration and rhythm are part of the same thing. They’re part of the same basic way of looking at a person.

Rhythm is a more blatant sense of vibration, so if I look at the whole person as the vibration, then I would look at them in terms of rhythm. Are they doing anything rhythmical? Are they swaying? Are they moving something rhythmically? Tapping a pen, shaking their leg?

When I say “mental construct,” I mean it literally. It is simply to say I believe I’m harmonizing, that my unconscious is making a representation and harmonizing to who and what you are. By attempting to do that, I’m going to move more into your framework, more into your model of the world, and you’ll sense that.

Here are some ways to make rhythm more accessible…

Where is the rhythm located in that person? Where do you perceive the rhythm to be centered? High in their body? Low in their body? Where do you see this rhythm taking place?

Some people seem to emanate from low down. Some people seem to emanate from their center. Others from their head. Where does this person seem to emanate from? Where do they seem to come from as a person?

Simply be open to the idea and look for it. It doesn’t matter whether you see it or hear it – it will still influence the person. That’s my point.

Take a deep breath and close your eyes. Notice as you do this that the minute I said, “Take a deep breath and close your eyes,” you probably began to slow your rhythm down.

Your vibrations probably began to slow because your first assumption was altered state. Notice how your vibration changed with your assumption changing. Your presupposition changed. You changed.

Now I want you to begin to imagine your vibration increasing and speeding up, moving faster and faster.

Then I want you to notice the direction it’s traveling. Does yours go around in circles? Does it go up and down? Does it go back and forth? Which way is it moving?

I want you to move faster, and I want you to expand it slightly.

Now speed it up even faster. How do you feel once it’s sped up? What’s the difference between the feeling of your vibration going fast and your vibration going slow? What’s the difference?

That difference is how you can begin to adjust yourself to the affluent individual you’re dealing with in any given situation. You do this in order to come into rapport with them and bring them to where you want them to go.

In this way, you guide them along through your persuasion, to the ultimate buying decision.

Until next time,

Kenrick E. Cleveland

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Patricia Winston - August 20, 2007

Wow Kenrick, that’s a portrait! Excellent guidance. Thanks.

Bill - August 20, 2007

This one would make Bandler proud.

Stanley Fidel - August 22, 2007


That was a great article. Here’s another perspective. Interestingly, years ago, I had a conversation with Dr. Joseph Murphy who said that the word “Universe – uni-verse – means one psalm or song.” I thought about this and realized that everything in this world is composed of atoms and electrons, etc. which are always in motion. In effect, they vibrate and emit a sound, which may or may not be audible to the human ear. This inspired me to write the following poem.

One Song

One Song,
The universe is One Song.

Everything in the world is alive,
With its own vibration,
Its own voice.

Every man,
Every woman,
Every child
Is a unique theme
In one infinite melody.

Every plant,
Every bird,
Every living creature
Adds its special note
In one divine harmony.

Every lump of clay,
Every block of stone,
Every scrap of tin
Is part
Of the single,
Song of the universe.

One Song.
The universe is One Song.
One beautiful, joyous
Song of Love,
Sung by God.

Kenrick E. Cleveland; Affluent Activator - August 22, 2007

Beautiful post, Stan.

Thank you.

Jeremy - August 22, 2007

Just opening yourself to these kind of perspectives is such a positive experience!


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