Other Than Conscious Self – Part One

Dear Persuader,

Do you have a name for your Other Than Conscious self?

What a great way to start a relationship with it. After all, would you want to be largely ignored and without a name your whole life?

Start thinking in terms of two selves living in your body. Actually there are 3.

Let’s start with your Other Than Conscious

Some names it has been referred to over time are:

Basic Self
Deep Self
Intuitive Self
Inner Self
Real Self
And the great, copy writing legend Gary Bencivenga calls it his “Gentle Giant”.

Your Other Than Conscious self is best thought of as an independent entity.

It is very literal. And it is subject to suggestion.

The Other Than Conscious is the store house of your memories.

It has the power of deductive logic only.

It controls your autonomic bodily functions.

Based on the input it has been given, it is your “conscience”. In other words it is in charge of what you believe is right and wrong. Another good definition of conscience is, “it is a conviction or being conscious of a custom”. Through repetition and emotion these customs become ingrained and automatically depended upon to supply beliefs of right and wrong.

Your Other Than Conscious generates all your emotions.

It is the self that has connections to other people and places. And It is also said to have the power of telepathy. We’ll leave these for a later discussion.

Ok, now that you have a relatively complete picture of the Other Than Conscious self, let’s look at a few things.

You can begin to get ahead much faster and easier in life if you align with this self. Treating it like a trusted child is one really good way to begin the process.

If you do not have rapport with it, you will experience life as if you are constantly being sabotaged. So gaining and maintaining rapport with this self is critical to living a happy, fulfilling and easy life.

That said, it’s not necessarily easy. In a way, it is like a puppy who is untrained – then grew into an adolescent. It has it’s ways and beliefs and just waking up one morning and treating it nice will not cause the puppy to behave as you might wish. Yes, the puppy loves you but still wants to do what it has always done.

This is another way of saying it can be stubborn. Don’t believe me? Tried losing weight or changing a habit or trying to change to a more healthy partner type as your preference? Now you are beginning to get the picture.

So where to start. Well, start as you would any relationship. Talk, be respectful. Show it with words and pictures the things you like and would like to become.

Here’s something important – your Other Than Conscious self depends on the 5 senses for data input!

Some final points for this post:

1. It is with the Other Than Conscious selves of others that we need to have rapport with, if we are to persuade. These are where the rapport strategies are aimed that I teach.

2. it is this self that is suggestible. The issue is getting past the gate keeper which is very easily done when you know how. Thus, studying how to deliver suggestions is part and parcel to becoming a great persuader.

3. It is in your own life where you will reap the fastest rewards. Apply what you are learning to yourself first. Gain the trust and respect of your Other Than Conscious self and watch your results soar. Just remember, it is a process. And I’ll help you learn it as we proceed.

4. One of the best tools you can start using immediately is directed day dreaming. (Think Einstein riding on a beam of light.) This is best done in a learning state of mind such as you enter when meditating etc.

5. Consider giving this self a name. Don’t do this lightly. Remember, a good name can get you far. And you might consider keeping this name private for now at least. Consider carefully what names it might like. Reflect on them as you narrow them down. Then go with your gut instinct as you choose the one that fits best.

6. Love and accept your Other Than Conscious self. Really – I’m not being funny. Woo it. Praise it. Reward it. Most importantly, start now!

7. Remember that this is a process and takes time. Rome wasn’t built in a day – neither were your beliefs, attitudes and conscience. It will take some work and dedication. Just remember and keep in mind what you are playing for… an incredibly happy, fulfilling and easy life where people automatically look up to you, respect you, accept your suggestions and look forward to doing business with you. Not to mention the respect and incredible love you will have for yourself. Not bad stakes to play for, right?

Ok, let me know your thoughts on this. If you like it, I’ll get into the powers and role of the conscious mind next and how you can easily learn how to use it’s superior reasoning powers to your advantage to more quickly bring your Other Than Conscious self eagerly running to participate.

Keep studying and practicing.


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