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You’ll notice under the title of each article a line of stars.

If you hover your mouse over the stars you can click to rate the article.

When you read an article, I’d love to have you rate it. It’s quick and easy. And, you can also post comments about the article.

I want to hear from you. Tell me your thoughts, post comments and rate the articles. Go ahead and give it a shot and try it now. 🙂

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Hank James - September 10, 2007

I suspect your percentage of raters would substantially increase with the stars (or the rating icon) located at the end of the article.

After all, anyone who reads the article ends up at the end–to scroll back to the top is an extra effort.

Jeffry Skorheim - September 12, 2007

Always the best articles to get my thinking juices flowing. Just think, “I`m in contact with dull, boring people everyday.” How is this so? People who regulate themselves to the hum-drum blues because all they have to say is, “I`m ok.” All the best, Kenrick. Jeff


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