If you are finding it difficult
to close sales because of the economy...

You're Hearing More "No's" Than "Yes's".
In Fact, You May Be Starting To Worry But
There's A Simple Answer...

From: Kenrick Cleveland

Time Sensitive

Hardly a day goes by without my phone ringing with a desperate call for help. The calls sound alike. The person sounds out of breathe and I can tell they are embarrassed to call.

The calls all start the same way, "Kenrick, it's not working..."

You bet your ass it's not. Times have drastically changed and if you haven't updated your persuasion skills, it's GAME OVER.

I'm not saying this to be hurtful - far from it. But the bottom line is...

If you are using last year's strategies in the current market, if you aren't out of business, you soon will be unless...

Kenrick, I Need Persuasion 911

It's okay if you don't believe me and you are looking for excuses. Maybe you believe money is tight right now and that things are going to get better soon.

Hold on to your seat because...

Things Are About To Get Worse

Look, I'm not here to get political - just practical.

In the past years - EVERYONE has lied their asses off to your clients including -

The Mortgage Industry who promised everyone houses they couldn't afford and handed out junk mortgages like Halloween candy. And then when the buyers defaulted, the whole house of cards tumbled. So how many mortgage brokers are still in business today? Not too many. And they're jumping in to MLM's and Network Marketing Schemes with their eyes closed.

Real Estate Brokers And Agents are feeling serious pain right now. Through no fault of their own, the market has tanked. But like the band on the Titanic, they just keep playing as the ship sinks beneath the waves. These days, most real estate brokers are racing to find another profession like tending bar while secretly hoping the good old days will soon return.

Financial Planners And Analysts are beyond shocked. First, the market began to teeter and as it fell, someone pulled the net away. Even if you're clients never invested a dime with Bernard Madoff, in their minds, they now associate you with them. They want to know what happened to the money they invested with you and hold you personally responsible since their investments declined. They used to treat you as a trusted friend; now they look at you with suspicion.

And guess what...

What People Used To Do Isn't Working Anymore

If you're still doing business they way you did a year ago, I'm not surprised that you're closing rate has plummeted.

If - God forbid - you are using things like the "Ben Franklin close" or the "puppy dog close", your clients are laughing at you behind your back and you hear it - in your wallet.

But what you may not know (and may not want to believe) is that not everyone in sales these days is having a difficult time.

In fact, for a small group of persuaders...

What People Used To Do Isn't Working Anymore

Two campers are walking through the forest when they suddenly encounter a grizzly bear.

The bear rears up on his hind legs and lets out a terrifying roar.

Both campers are frozen in their tracks.

The first camper whispers, "I'm sure glad I wore my running shoes today."

"It doesn't matter what kind of shoes you're wearing, you're not gonna outrun that bear," replies the second.

"I don't have to outrun the bear, I just have to outrun YOU," he answers.

Camping tips and tricks can be found here at our friends from Techie Camper.

In spite of everything you are hearing about how bad the market is, it has never been easier to be a persuader than today.

I'm going to show you how to out-perform, out-class, out-sell, and out-do every single competitor in your area.

You see, people in my persuasion elite program are at the top of their game.

They've got their mindset locked and loaded.

They're not afraid of what prospects and clients are going to say in today's climate.

They're holding the bat, gritting their teeth, and just waiting to slam one out of the park.

And they had their best year ever and their mantra is...

The Money Is Mine In This Year

Over the past several years, I've been honing and perfecting a new technique I've never shared publicly outside of my Platinum Superstars.

They've been the ones benefiting the most from my constant guidance and innovative techniques.

Let me be frank, my MaxPersuasion techniques STILL kick butt and will turn you into super closers but in these insane financial times, there is one more technique I want you to know.

It's so powerful, it will easily turn those "no's" into "yes's" and have you ramp up your closing percentage literally overnight.

It's so powerful, the clients literally sell themselves in a buying frenzy. I call this program...


In this series I will walk you through the Persuasion 911 Process.

Here's what you are going to learn in this course:

  • The dominant emotion your clients are dealing with now is anger. They are angry at losing their jobs, losing their retirement nest-egg, and losing faith in the world. They are angry, cynical, bitter, and are waiting to bite your head off.
  • You can't short-circuit their anger nor can you ignore it. So we're going to focus on how to really listen without getting defensive, how to pace their anger, how to use frames to change their perceptions, and how to have them enthusiastically buying whatever you offer.
  • Your clients don't believe a word or a commitment you say. They don't believe what you are going to do for them. They don't think it's possible for you to help them. At this point, they think they would do a better job without you. Think I'm kidding? Realtors know more and more people are turning to FSBO instead of paying a commission. Financial Analysts know more and more people want to trade stocks on their own and not pay a fee. Auto buyers want to do all of their shopping online to avoid the shenanigans that go on when they want to buy a car.
  • I'm going to show you a simple way to read beneath what the clients are saying and present information in a way that compels them to act - exactly as you've designed.
  • How to deal with the walking wounded. They've lost money in real estate. They've lost money in the market. They were lied to. Most people would write these folks off. Don't do it. I'll show you why they are ready to buy again and again. There's a basic principle you must understand so you can really profit in difficult times.
  • There are only three objections you will ever hear. 1) It's too expensive. 2) I need to talk to my husband/wife and 3) I need to think it over.
  • Today there is a fourth objection and you'll be hearing it a lot. How you handle the three objections in general and how do you handle the fourth objection. Getting the answer to this question alone is worth the price of the entire program.

Now, I know things are tough for some people out there and I believe Persuasion 911 might just make the difference between success and failure.

And I'm holding the price waaay below what I would normally charge.

You pay a simple $299.99 $59.99 charge and you're along for the ride of your life. I've priced this so it's a no brainer.

The course will be delivered over 5 weeks, one module per week for 5 weeks.

Retail Price:  $299.99

Sales Price: $59.99

All Products Are Downloadable.  All Major Credit Cards Accepted.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Here's what some members had to say about Persuasion 911...

"Kenrick quickly makes you think about all the assumptions we have in business. Its an eye opening experience and a I am excited about the journey I have committed to take. I called a client who I have always disliked talking to. He's just one of those nasty people. Well I called him 20 minutes after The call and put into action what we spoke about on the call. Yes he was still nasty, and he did vent on me loud and clear but I could tell he felt better after the call. We have agreed to meet face-to-face next week for an apt to review his entire situation and explore options. He said no promises but he's some what opened minded to talk. That in itself I would have never thought would have happened nor would I have called him without your pushing..." - Lee Hyder

"Working in the tax industry I'm seeing first hand how scare people are with the current economic conditions. The persuasion 911 call was right on with letting people vents their feelings of anger and frustration. Listening and redirection those negatives feeling is at least the beginning of the healing process. Once again Kenrick E. Cleveland is at the forefront of persuasion and influence skills." - Mario Abreu, EA

"I think the first call was right on target. It is so important that we get in the right mental state to deal with our customers that are experiencing anger and frustration with the present economic situation. It is NOT OUR FAULT and we need to be on the same side as the client-- NOT part of the evil "them" who caused this mess. Right after the call, I posted the mantra as you described near my phone and I made the first three calls yesterday following your advice and it gave me a better sense of purpose for the calls, which led to a more valuable interaction." - Rob Northrup

"I sell advertising for a bi-weekly Automobile Magazine that is distributed free to the General Public. After the first Persuasion 911 call I followed your advice and went out to see one of my past Customers who had cancelled his media & online advertising because of the current economic environment. In the past he would refuse to talk to me or discuss his dormant account. When I would approach him, he would just walk away and tell me to talk to someone else. In an effort to convince him that his advertising was working, we had been giving him some free online advertising that showed the current statistics and we could prove that he was getting hundreds of hits.

This time when I approached him he used his old evasive tactics and attempted to walk away but this time I did something new and I asked him if we could take a few minutes to sit down and talk about his account and where it was at. He accepted my invitation but began to express the usual dissatisfaction and went on and on about how he had no money for advertising and how it was a waste of his time. A nice guy but very unhappy at seeing me in front of him today.

I sat there and let him complain and did not interrupt him, despite the fact that he was saying things that were not true. Finally when he had calmed down, I asked him if he had taken the time to look at the site and the statistics. At that time he acknowledged that he had not looked at the site and stats that were there. I asked him if we could take a few minutes to go thru it together. He agreed to my request and I was able to show him that our Online Advertising was working. He had calmed down was able to see the results with a clear mind. Following this conversation he agreed to advertise with us again. My personal comment: In the past it would have been the same old scenario of me trying to convince the client and the client fighting back and I would have lost. I went in with a different attitude this time and both of us won. It is nice to see a much better way to get to the finish line (and a lot easier than I would have imagined)" - D.O.M.

"This morning, I called one of my important clients and used a shorter version of the technique that we learned in P-911. All I can say is that I never had a client lose so much money in the market yet be so happy that I was concerned for her. A terrific new mindset!" - Conrad

"Prior to the first Persuasion 911 call, I was extremely reluctant to call my clients because our transactions were taking so long. I was putting the blame on myself but after the call I realized that I had to let go of all the things out of my control. I called every one of my clients and let them vent about their fears and frustrations. Once the venting was done, I was able to lead them to a new state, full of certainty and positive direction." JG - Mortgage Planner

"I am an offline business consultant. I work with brick and mortar companies to help them revolutionize their marketing online and off. I was actually in the middle of a campaign to get warm leads from other local salespeople. Prior to the call on Tuesday things were going well, I was contacting other salespeople and getting quite a bit of interest, but thing just weren't happening as fast as I would have liked.

After the call on Tuesday, the first salesperson I talked to I used the techniques that Kenrick talked about. I let him vent, and asked him what he wanted. He proceeded to vent for about 20 minutes about how horrible the economy was, and how bad his sales were lately after 20 years in selling. I said very little during this time, a lot of "uh huhs" and "oh yeah that's bad". Then I started leading him out of his "funk", and how by working with me he'd have a chance to turn some of that around. His entire energy changed, he went from being down on the world to being excited to talk to me about what I'm doing and how I can help his clients.

He gets so excited he tells me to hold on, he's so excited he has to call one of his clients right now and tell them all about me and how great I am. Now at this point, I've talked about my services for all of 30 seconds. He calls a client of his, and talks to him for about 10 minutes. Then he calls me back telling me he's got my intro and to call this client right now. I call and the gatekeeper didn't know I was calling and barred entry. I called him back, and he gets mad and calls the busy clients cell phone number telling him he needs to talk to me right now. I get the client on the phone in the next 3 minutes, and we setup a lunch appointment tomorrow. Based upon my experience with this type of client, it's probably a $5,000 a month profit client. And I will pay my advocate all of $300. He's so excited he called me back at 9pm tonight with two more clients I "have" to talk to.

Looks like the course has paid for itself already. Thanks Kenrick." - Marcos Romero

"First and foremost I just want to tell you that I'm very pleased with the information that you shared with us yesterday. Now let me tell you what happened after yesterday's call. I work for a Consumer loan Company and I'm also an Independent Merchant Consultant (which this is the area I use your sales advice the most) I got to work and one of my Employee's brought to my attention that one of my customer's had just recently called very upset because this Company is no longer doing the bigger loans anymore due to the way things are currently going, and the people who have filed for Bankruptcy has drastically gone up.

"So I thought to myself that this will be a very good opportunity to use what I had just learned on the call, so I was a bit nervous to say the least because this person has always been very good about he's credit and making sure that he was always on time, and now he was Pissed off, as my employee said, and so I began to breath in, in cadence as you recommended, and quickly put myself in a state where I was more calm, and I called him, and I told him who I was and that I understood that he was disappointed that the company had decided to change the amounts and that this was unfortunately out of my hands, and he began to curse up a storm, and I must admit that at first my natural reaction was to try and stop him immediately, but I let him continue as I just listened and looked at my notes that I had taken focusing on the mantra: "it's not my fault that, that, that the company decided to change their amounts" I thought.

I began to ask him about his specific need for a larger loan, and he began to tell me that he wanted to take care of some emergency bills that came up and that he just wanted to make sure that he had more than enough to pay them. -This is where he actually began to actually have a conversation rather than use me as a punching bag. I than explained to him that he was a very valued Customer, and that this is something that is out of my hands and that I understood he's current situation because I personally know other people who are in he's same situation, and that if he came to see me that I would get him a loan not for the amount that he was requesting but a much smaller amount which based on the info that he gave me I was sure that this amount would cover it.

Kenrick, let me tell you that he came in to my office about 2hrs later and apologized to me and thanked me profusely for REALLY listening to him, and I gave him the loan which will help him to cover he's current situation. Needless to say I'm very happy with the outcome. Thank You." - Samuel G.

"I am a Plastic Surgeon by profession. I said to myself that your preemptive approach may have a lot of value. Especially the questions: What are you experiencing? and what do you need? I realized that I had been "sticking my head in the sand" and avoiding patient contact right after surgery. So I got on the phone and called a patient that had a tummy tuck on Wednesday. Key insight: she was glad to talk with me." - Bob Kenevan

What these people discovered is if you are doing the same old thing you are not going to get the results you once did - human nature has not changed, but the environment we are persuading in did. So you're invited to get on board the Kenrick Express before it leaves the station.

But once you're aboard, fasten your seat belts and we start the engines because...

We're Going To Warp Speed In Record Time.

Don't worry about out running the bear because you are going to leave the competition choking on your dust.

Don't miss out!


Retail Price:  $299.99

Sales Price: $59.99

All Products Are Downloadable.  All Major Credit Cards Accepted.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.