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I’m getting reports from people on the front lines that it’s getting harder
to persuade these days.

Know what my response is to that?


While some sales people are having difficulties and whining and moaning
about the economy, others are having their best year ever.

Wonder what makes the difference?

It’s being razor sharp and recognizing that difficult times require
different strategies…

Like the one I’ll tell you about here:


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Jeff - January 15, 2009

Different strategy? Maybe.

Richard Bandler once said many years ago that there is a fine line between influence & manipulation.

I think people get too wrapped up in all of the economic gloom & doom news and react instead of act. Get desperate instead of getting creative which, is the real beauty of these times and (I) believe the key for success.

During the “hot” market times, success is cheap & easy because everybody is buying and all you have to do is just show up. Oh sure, you can argue that you had to throw in a few persuasion moves to win but let’s be honest – people are an easy sell when they are in a state of economic euphoria.

I wonder if your customers realize that your system (I believe) is designed for the times we are experiencing today. These are the times where true greatness is achieved because we must earn every inch and hone our skills to a more exacting science and actually be better than the competition.

It has become imperative today to think, strategize, act, do and above all, not fear that with which we cannot control, if you want to win.

Yes, I am glad things are the way they are, truly. It’s far more exciting & intellectually stimulating and certainly less competitive – IF you know what you are doing.

Loved your letter today!


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