Pounding things into someone's unconscious mind

Hi Persuader,

Is it possible to pound something into a person’s unconscious mind?

By “pound” I mean, force something in.

Well the answer is‚ ABSOLUTELY.

Have I got your attention?

But to understand that answer, we have to delve much deeper into the realm of Evil Persuasion.

Let’s look at this from both sides of the interaction.

Person A wants to get something into the unconscious of Person B. If Person A sets off alert bells in Person B, most likely nothing much will happen.

But what if “A” can create both fear of something AND a sense of trust going from his mark back to him. Would that work?

Let me give you a quick example:

There is a supposed war on terror being fought. Evidence is stacking up in the collective mind of the world that this is true. The news media dutifully talks about it incessantly. You remember 9/11. You hope it won’t happen again. You have a general fear.

But then, you are told that in the interest of “national security” they want to act powerfully to keep this from happening again. You immediately reach for the hope that is being offered. You even feel it is worth suffering a loss of your rights to have a bit of hope that all will be well in the future. (i.e. being groped in airports, being stopped and ordered to produce your papers and much more.)

So let me ask you, did you have something pounded into your unconscious?

Of course, there are a lot of presuppositions in this example. Many don’t want to believe their government would do anything like this on purpose. And that is all fine. But, open your mind to the example as a starting point and you will understand how this can happen.

Ok, but you ask, what can I do with this information.

And that is a GREAT question.

First of all, you can take your mind back! You can learn how to defend yourself. And believe me, you will want, even need to know how to do this. Sooner than later.

Due to the changes and uneasiness that is being felt by all of us, it is easier than ever before to fall victim. Have you felt worry recently? A deep unsettling feeling at times about the future? Sure, anyone can have these kinds of thoughts from time-to-time, but if you look around you, it is happening more and more – on a global scale.

This flings the doors open wide for any evil manipulator (or would be evil manipulator) to seize the opportunity.

Change is upon us. The waters are murky. It’s harder and harder to tell friend from foe, good from bad. And the last frontier that exists, is your mind. And there is a battle being waged for it on many fronts. From governments to big business to people you’d never suspect – all are going after this biggest and most lucrative of targets. The fact is, it isn’t that hard to do, if you know how.

Bringing this home, right now, let me point you to the hopefully more obvious. Every day you have to make decisions. Who should you trust with your finances? How much should you trust a new employee? Is the person seeking your affections honorable? And much more. Any of these transactions could forever change your life. If they intend evil and are skilled, it can be over before you wake up the next morning.

The good news is that I am going to help you see the manipulations. In doing so, I will have to show you how they are done. I hope you are able to resist the temptation to use the information for bad.

More coming tomorrow.


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