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From the Desk Of Kenrick E. Cleveland:

Kenrick E. Cleveland

Dear Friend,

Do you have a sickening sense of… impending doom...

That the other shoe is about to drop?

Then you, my friend, are carrying around an unnecessary burden.

That you might not even be aware of… because...

Your Mind Is Being Taken Advantage Of...

With each passing day...

Your anxiety rises… you are thrown off balance... All because of a very specific reason.

One that you’ll discover when you keep reading the letter below. And even more important,

how to finally put an end to it.

Hey, this is Kenrick...

I Have A Confession To Make!

For a long time I was feeling angry… a sense of helplessness enveloped me.

And with each passing day, the intensity grew and grew.

I was stuck. A sliver of my control disappearing every day. Each morning...

it was harder for me to get out of bed… to face the world… to be productive!

I felt like a deer stuck in the headlights...with a mac truck barreling down the road.

I mean what would be the point...

When I turned on the computer or the TV and saw…

Impending Doom

The economy collapsing. Terrorists blowing up buildings. Countries being ripped to shreds.

A never ending cycle of horrific devastation.

Listen, I completely understand the old media adage…

If It Bleeds, It Leads

People don’t tune in to watch puppy dogs licking childrens' faces.

But… be kept up to date on the constant flux of the world. And, I realized...

The non-stop flow of negative stories wasn’t even the source of my feelings…

...anxiety, doom, worry… wasn’t the reason I was loosing control.

In fact, they were just a mask... for something much more severe.

Something that was purposely slipped beneath the surface causing...

My Mind To Start Changing &
Not In A Good Way

If you know me personally... you know I’m a very opinionated person.

I value my freedoms and privacy. It’s a deep part of who I am.

And when I started to realize my values and beliefs were slowly shifting from under my feet…

A crack split open in my reality... swallowing me whole.

I became more and more detached from the world.


When I looked in the mirror, I barely recognized myself.

A feeling you may be familiar with.

It reminded me of an experience from long ago, when my mentor ran a...

Dark Side of Persuasion Pattern on me that erased my core values and beliefs

(a story for another time).

But, despite my feelings I knew one thing for sure… I needed to figure out...

What Was Going On

And fast!

So, that is exactly what I set out to do and... What I uncovered blew my mind!

I stopped wobbling like a top that was waiting to topple over and...

Was finally able to move in my own direction.

All because I discovered...

The "Secret" Strategy Used To...
Control The Masses

And once I knew this “secret” strategy… that the media, government, military and elite

takes advantage of to destabilize the population so they can pass their own agenda...

Everything started to make sense once again.

They could no longer take hold over my emotions...

causing me to doubt my own values and beliefs.

I know knew...

How "they" were able to take control over my mind and decision making process.

And more importantly…

How to go on the offensive and not be a willing pawn in their game ever again!

I took back my control... Like you will too.


"In politics, nothing happens by accident.
If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way."

Franklin D. Roosevelt - Former United States President

The Propaganda Switch is... first and foremost...

The way to take back control over your own mind and emotions...

From being influenced by outside sources whose agendas are not your own.

It’s about... being free to live your life as you see fit and...

Not being susceptible to handing over your rights and freedoms.

It’s about… not becoming a pawn in a game that you didn't even know you were playing…

One that has no rules.

And you might be thinking...

Kenrick, are you saying there is a vast conspiracy by the government, media, military and elite who

have their own agenda and are willing to employ weapons of mass mind control on their citizens?

Listen, I have my own beliefs as you should too.

The Propaganda Switch is NOT about turning you
into a conspiracy theorist…

It’s about exposing a strategy that has been documented for centuries to control the masses…

So that you can make the best choices for yourself.

And with that will come...

A sense of calm and relaxation with all that is happening in the world… instead of anxiety and stress.

You’ll NOT be controlled by outside sources through emotional manipulation.

I know firsthand... And I know you will too.

Now, instead of knots in your stomach and a constant feeling of doom and gloom,

you can see through the manipulation and get on with your life…

...and even if the constant streaming of negative events have absolutely nothing to do with...

Mass manipulation but still tugs on your feelings…

using the Propaganda Switch gives you back control to not get emotionally invested.

…and that is worth it’s weight in gold… don’t you think?

And How Does This Propaganda Switch

Accomplish This?

The Propaganda Switch is broken down into two parts…

The first part is an audio lesson (43:00 minutes) that breaks down and explains in precise detail the steps being used that pull the wool over your eyes. Here you will consciously understand how this is being used and why it’s so powerful. And with this understanding... the power will be put back into your hands.

The second part is about installing the The Propaganda Switch in your mind - so you become alerted when you're being influenced against your will and instantly flip the switch to the off position - allowing you to detach emotionally from the situation.

This is done through my Neuro Imprinting Sessions™. If you are not already familiar with my Neuro Imprinting Sessions™, then you are in for a real treat and if you are, you already know their potency.

These sessions use the latest scientific advancement in brain entrainment technology (along with several others) to place your brainwaves into different states - including the Theta state where we absorb and imprint information the fastest - and the Gamma State where Aha moments are formed.

All you need to do is load up the session onto any mp3 player, put on your headphones, sit back and relax. It’s that easy!

*If you suffer from seizures, please consult a doctor before using the Neuro Imprinting Sessions™.

The Neuro Imprinting Session™ included with The Propaganda Switch is one of my favorites. I spent 36 hours designing, producing and testing its potency…

...and I have to say this is one of my greatest accomplishments to date.

After just the first use (around 28:00 minutes)... you'll begin to notice a new sense of calm and relaxation flow through your mind and body...

And I’m not sure if it will be the second use or maybe the fourth (every body is different) but just try to be influenced by the media using this ‘secret’ strategy and inside your mind the Propaganda Switch will turn to off and you will begin to chuckle.

And a nice warm feeling will envelope you… knowing that their attempt has been defeated.

Ahhhhh... Doesn't that sound amazing?

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“When I purchased The Propaganda Switch, I was hoping (but not expecting) to get something to help deal with my tendency to people please and conform to social expectations even when I didn't want to comply. I'm happy to say I got what I hoped for and also decreased my anxiety (which was, apparently, so pervasive in my daily life that I didn't know that I had until it was gone.) Thank you!"

John Thomas

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Propaganda Switch Special Promotion

Regular Price: $97.00

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