The In’s and Out’s of Rapport

This weeks content is taken from the MaxP 2003 Seminar in sunny South Beach, Florida.

The clips starts off with a little background of how I started my education in NLP and
Persuasion. Then we go into what is rapport and the different terms that are associated
with rapport. You will even learn the secret to gaining rapport by being able to pace

On Wednesday you will receive part 2 of the series and we will dig deeper into ways to
achieve rapport quickly with someone and what to do with it once you get it.

Make sure to listen to the video closely, take notes and then go out and practice these skills.
Being able to gain rapport is critical to accelerating all your other persuasion skills.

If you want to learn my latest breakthroughs in rapport then I suggest you checkout Dark Side II.
The first module is dedicated to these techniques. They are some of the most powerful techniques
I have ever taught.

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That’s it for now. Have a great weekend and don’t forget to leave any comments or
questions on the blog.


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