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The reason sharks die if they stop swimming is because they sink. That’s where we get the idiom, “sink or swim”.

Humans don’t literally die if we stop progressing, stop becoming, stop learning, but we do stagnate and we may even experience a figurative death.

This can happen on all levels of existance – physically, emotionally, financially, creatively, etc.

I want to focus on the emotional aspect of this stagnation and suggest that if you are feeling stuck in other aspects of your life it may be due to a reversal. And when you read what I have to say, you may very well find yourself correcting the wrongs in your life quicker than you had thought…

Reversal is that part of your mind where you say, “I want to create a change,” but you keep doing the old unwanted activity.

Why do you keep doing it if you really want to change it?

Because there’s that part of you that’s reversed.

So how do you get rid of the reversal?

I wanted to lose weight. But I kept eating enough for five people. I really wanted to lose weight, but I really wanted to eat too. There are two opposing forces.

Which force was more powerful?

Well, for most of my life the more powerful force was the hunger. That won out big time. But eventually my desire to live became more powerrful than my desire for cake and pizza.

Fear had something to do with it, obviously. Not wanting to die before my time, not wanting to leave my children fearless – that was the driving force, the more powerful force in the end.

Why wasn’t that enough before?

Sure, I was in a certain amount of denial, feeling maybe a little invincible, immortal, but thank God I had an awakening. I had a radical reframing revelation, a momentous mental modification.

When you are reversed, you treat something that is bad as if it’s good for you. It’s like you forget that it’s really bad and start behaving as if it’s good. And you do this at a really deep psychological level.

I used to eat ice cream as if it were a good thing. I’d reward myself with it.

“Oh, I did great today, I’m going to have a pint of ice cream, I’ll feel better.”

It’s like drugging yourself. You eay that much sugar and it’s like knocking yourself out. Isn’t it a wonder that I had diabetic problems for a while?

There’s a quote from Gallo and Vicente that says:

An energy reversal blocks you from seeing solutions even when you have the knowledge, or prevents you from implementing the solution even though you have the ability.

You know something folks? This was so true for me with my weight. I knew how to fix it. I had helped a lot of people shed pounds even before I myself did.

I knew exactly how to fix it, but even though I had the knowledge, I couldn’t implement the solution. Even if you have the ability to do something, maybe you’re blocked from it.

Another profound example of reversals is drug addicts.

They know good and well that what they’re doing is bad and that they’re killing themselves. Take any heroin addict. They know they’re going to die from it. They’re going to one day overdose or have a problem.

Take any addict. They know it’s horrible, but they can’t stop until and unless they voluntarily get into a programme of Hope Canyon Recovery, as Hope Canyon Recovery saves lives. It just that there’s something there so good about it that they just can’t stop. This is a reversal. That’s why we treat for them.

Reversals can be spotted by major areas of sabotage in your life.

If you have lots of depression, ongoing addictions, alcoholism or bad relationship after bad relationship, these are the sorts of things that should be looked at.

We all have them. Somewhere we have blocks. We have reversals.

In a past post I talked about reversing the reversals in your life (called “Reversing the Reversals”). Refer to this one again and again to start making progress toward fixing the problem.

And for more information on how to learn countless other persuasion techniques, both for personal improvement and for winning favor with the affluent, visit www.PersuasionFactor.com.

Until next time,

Kenrick E. Cleveland

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Carlton Carpenter - August 27, 2007

I would appreciate reading the other writing you did – reversing the reversals. Looked around but did not fine it.

Mike - August 27, 2007

where exactly is the past post “Reversing the Reversals” located?
doesn’t exist on this site – yet.
Thank You Mike

Lee - September 10, 2007

I too want to read the article “Reversing the Reversals” but don’t see it anywhere on here listed.

Jeff Turner - December 20, 2007

[quote comment=""]I too want to read the article “Reversing the Reversals” but don’t see it anywhere on here listed.[/quote]

Jeff Turner - December 20, 2007

When referring to EFT why are you not supplying the website or acknowledging the source? (mine idoesn’t because the page is not finished yet, it is a test!)

The most powerful motivators I have seen over the years always acknowledge the source because it adds energy. In this case Gary Craig and emofree.com. He himself is always crediting his teacher Callahan from TFT (thought field therapy).

It does not take away from your own power to praise your teachers.



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