Important Announcement – Seducing the Unconscious…

The Colonel’s tongue was a magician’s wand that turned dried apples into figs and water into wine as easily as it could change a hovel into a palace and present poverty into imminent future riches.
Mark Twain, The Gilded Age

Your Words are Powerful Magic

For the last 7 years my elite coaching club students have been performing
serious wizardry.

I don’t mean pulling rabbits out of hats or sawing a lady in half, but
creating massive wealth
and amazing changes…with just their words.

A few months ago I made one of the hardest decisions of my life…
to stop my current coaching program that’s been running for 7 years. Why?

Very simply…Time.

I felt I could be helping more people get the life they want by starting
a new type of program…you will be hearing all about it in a few weeks.

As I was being nostalgic and going through all 7 years of the lessons I
taught, I had an idea…why not make this material available to everyone
who wants to turn their words into magic.

You Don’t Want To Miss This Announcement…

A few times a month I am going to release some of my most powerful
that I have ever created and few have seen.

Click Add To Cart and get the first course – Embedded Commands for only $99.99.

Seducing the Unconscious with Embedded Commands

This is the most comprehensive lesson I ever taught about the power of
embedded commands
in conversations and in writing..when used properly.
This lesson spanned 3 coaching calls and is over 2 hours and 45 minutes long.
You will also receive the workbook for the coaching calls as well as a
bonus report on Embedded Directives in Sales & Marketing.

Here are just a few things you are going to learn:

  • How to prime the brain to put your prospect/people in the right
    frame of mind…allowing you messages to sink deeply into
    the unconscious.
  • The difference you must know when using embedded commands
    in speaking
    vs. writing…this is rarely talked about and will make
    all the difference on how
    effective your commands are.
  • The easy technique that will put any of your commands on steroids.
  • The 5 ways you must know to make your commands stand out and
    how to
    combine them for maximum power.
  • How to use embedded commands to change someones emotional
    imagine how good you will feel once you can seed emotions
    into the unconscious.

After you finish listening to this material you will have countless examples
on how to use and construct embedded commands
. Most importantly you
will know how to conjure them up at will to seduce the unconscious mind.

100% No Risk Money Back Guarantee

You have nothing to risk with our 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you
don’t find this the most informative material on using embedded commands
then you can request a full refund at

When you click the buy now button you will have 7 days to evaluate the program
inside our members area. Once the 7 days are completed you will be able to
download all the materials to listen on your devices or computer.


PS: This material has only been available to my elite coaching club students and
has never been released previously. This program is only $99.99.

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