Someone’s KILLING Your Relatives

Peter was down on his hands and knees...and the next few minutes would decide if his 20 million dollar project would get made into a movie.

But Peter was not begging for the cash...

Terry Semel, was the CEO of Warner Brothers and although he once showed support for the project his nerves were starting to fray... Gorillas in the Mist called for a tremendous budget.

And Terry greenlit a movie a few years ago that contained was a financial flop.

Either way, Terry Semel was getting cold feet and Peter knew that he would have to move Terry emotionally if the movie was going to get made...

Peter was confident only way to get the YES was a purposeful story....

Peter walked into Terry Semel's office and before a word could be uttered, shouted, "Someone's killing your relatives."

Semel looked at him like he was Peter went into a heartfelt story explaining...the Silverback Gorillas were being exterminated...then Peter reached into his pocket, pulling out pictures of ashtrays made from a gorilla's paw...

Peter hooked Semel into the story....

And Peter could see the moment when Semel was starting to turn the corner...but time was running out and Semel had another meeting to attend.

"Peter, let me think about." Semel said.

Peter any good storyteller, you have to be prepared to drop the script and improvise...just like Peter did.

He dropped down to the floor, laid on his back with his arms outstretched and said, "I am a wounded gorilla...if you are going to say no, it's to them, too. Here and now."

Two years later, Gorillas in the Mist was nominated for 5 Academy Awards.

You see...

Peter Guber is a storyteller...and he credits his business success to being able to tell a purposeful story.

Early on, Peter analyzed his successes and failures, when he was going for YES...and realized he failed more often then not, when he didn't persuade through story.

Failures came from using data, facts and firing off bullet points.

When he told a purposeful story, he emotionalized the information...and was able to move mountains, as well as, wallets.

In his best selling book, Tell to Win: Connect, Persuade, and Triumph with the Hidden Power of Story...Peter lets you in on the secrets to his success
through story telling.

Find out how he came to own a NBA franchise, major league and minor league baseball teams, was CEO of Sony and has been a professor at UCLA for over twenty years.

Kenrick Cleveland

P.S. One of the secrets to Peter Guber's success was knowing the power of his own story.

In this video, Peter chats with Tonny Robbins on why your own story is one of the most powerful tools you have for a successful life.

Click the video below to watch:

P.P.S. In a few days, you are going to learn how to discover your own story, be able to change it and use it to become an influential storyteller...stay tuned
for details.

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