Sowing the Seeds of Success, Love, Prosperity (et cetera)

Hi Persuader,

Here’s a beautiful entre into the powerful world of working with your sub/un/other than conscious mind. It’s a physical manifestation as well as a metaphor. It speaks to your ability and willingness to nurture this connection which for the most part, those of us in the West, tend to treat as less than important.

It’s simple and beautiful: get yourself a very small plant that can grow to a relatively good sized. When you get that plant home, I want you to talk to that plant as if it is your unconscious mind. Tell it that you need it to grow strong and healthy. Tell it that you are dedicated to its growth and well being.

This plant is going to represent your persuasion abilities at the unconscious level.

Every time you water this plant, every time you nurture and feed this plant, every time you play music for this plant, every time you talk to this plant, you’ll want to repeat your intention for it, reaffirm that as it grows, so too will your ability to persuade, your ability to manifest the success, love, prosperity (et cetera) that you are seeking in life. As it grows strong and powerful, so too will everything that you put your mind to.

You could do this with several plants over time, perhaps having one plant per intention.

I’ve done this many times throughout the years and find it to be a spectacular thing. My wife and I were given a little plant by my wife’s mother when we first got married. It was a rare and exotic plant and we decided this plant and was very beautiful.

My wife planted it and we talked to it and I kind of thought it was like a family plant which would keep our family doing well together. The plant grew and grew and grew. And when we moved to a new home, we took it with us. We found when we took it with us that it was actually like three plants, one of them was easily separated, the other two wanted to stay together. So we had three plants growing and growing. It was like our family just kept on doing better and better. It was amazing.

Unfortunately, when we moved again, we were unable to take it because it was now about 7 feet tall and it was more like a tree. What I did was tell it how much I appreciated all it did and asked it to continue to do that for anyone who lives on the property now. We shared a piece of ourselves with this property the way we took care of it and the way we landscaped it, and we hope that this would continue to bring blessings and good things for everybody to come.

I believe we sold our house in 30 days as a result. And I know that my intention will hopefully continue to bless the people there. It’s a beautiful thing to do and something we can all benefit from if you add things like this into your life. Even if it’s nothing other than just an expression of our intention, then so be it.

I know that thoughts become things and as we think them and repeat them enough, they become solidified and extraordinarily powerful.

Until Next Time,

Kenrick E. Cleveland

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Buck - June 9, 2008

The power of intention is indeed real and will turn “thoughts into things.” An experiment like this, actually several, were carried out by scientists and reported in the fascinating book, “The Intention Experiment.” I highly recommend it.


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