Spark of Fire

Dear Persuader,

I want you to think about the process of persuasion a little differently today.  I want you to think of it as a spark, a spark that creates fire, okay?

If you’ve ever used a magnifying glass and started a fire with a little piece of paper or wood, you know that you have to focus it.  You’ve got to have that so finely focused that it ignites from the heat.   If your focus is too broad, you may get that paper warm but it’s certainly not going to ignite.

You need to focus the client so strongly on what they want that all of the sudden it’s going to burst into flames.   And, one of the things that will burst it into flames, that will take it to that next level so fast and so powerful is that level of rapport you can bring to the table, that spark of interest that you can get them to feel as a result of what you’re doing.

I want to speak about that spark of interest for a moment.  I want to speak about it in a way that you probably haven’t heard me talk about before.  I’m not going to talk about using their predicates and I’m not going to talk about using their tone of voice… I’m not going to talk about any of that.

What I want to talk about is you thinking about this in terms of a spark of interest, a spark of personality, a spark of rapport.  And I want you to put that image in your mind and if you put that image in your mind then here’s how it would look as I see it.

You start off by gauging the level of interest that the client has, you immediately apply your magnifying glass to begin to magnify that level of interest.

Now, who’s magnifying it?  You or them?

They are.  You’re providing the questions that cause them to go inside and focus more on where the spark hits, and that spark is a magnetic personality that makes the person feel good about what you’re doing and makes them turnaround and come your way.

It’s a spark that happens through belief.  You need to believe so much in what you do and in who you are and in what your products are, that you simply focus on that belief in light of what they’re there to do and magically you’ll feel that spark happen.  I say magically… you can break this into a million different strategies but I’m telling you, if you’ll put this one in your head and run with it for a little bit, you’re going to see that you start creating dramatic results and fanning big flames of desire, and that’s exactly what we want to do.

So focus on that magic.  There’s magic in imagining that you have a spark that will bridge the gap from their few questions to a burning desire and all you have to do is create the heat.  And the heat’s created by focusing them in on what it is that they want and need along with your spark of personality that can get them to start to see the value and the benefit that you’re bringing to the table.

And it happens more in your mind than anywhere else.   In your belief that you’re creating that spark, it exists… and now the flames of desire.  I want you to put in your mind and I want you to see with every client, and I want you to be able to tell me afterward, if I were to ask you, when did that spark hit?

You should be able to say, “Well, it hit when I said…”, or “When he or she said…”.  You can tell, you can feel it, you can hear it, you can see it, and if the sale didn’t happen, you’d probably respond by saying, “I never did feel that spark, Kenrick, it just didn’t seem to happen.”

If that takes place, I want you to begin to analyze why. Was it because they didn’t have a real need or a real desire?  And be very careful not to jump to the conclusion of yes, because my next question is, were you able to sufficiently focus them through your magnifying glass and create the heat that comes when they think about their values and their beliefs as it relates to their questions and what they’re needing from your company?

For you advanced persuaders, I want you to focus on the image.  For those of you that are lesser advanced, I want you to focus on the strategy and the image and you may have to do it part by part which is absolutely fine.  Go at it part by part.

So, the first part is the interest and the interest comes by focusing them through the magnifying glass of their desire, which is another way of saying, their criteria and their values.

The rapport I want you to think of as a spark, a spark that happens as a result of you focusing in on just how madly in love you are with your products and your services, with your company’s values, with the way you are able to interpret and deliver those values and services, that get people to want to be with you.

In other words, you’re coming in with the magnifying glass of criteria, you’re focusing it through the questions that you’re asking, and then you’re making that magic leap through that nebulous something that you and your company possess and you need to focus on that nebulous something and feel it in your heart and feel it transfer to the client.

If you’ll use that strategy, I guarantee you that you’ll start to see things through different eyes in a short period of time.  You’ll start to imagine things happening differently and you’ll be able to focus on what your clients are doing in a very different way.


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DesmondMuller - July 12, 2010

[quote comment=""]Kenrick that was a great metaphor about the magnifying glass of Criteria.
I have most of your work and it amazes me that there is still more that you keep giving and giving.
Bless you Kenrick for sharing your knowledge with me


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