Still stuck in the 80’s at the Advanced Hypnosis Seminar

We must have run out of hypno juice…since the Cleveland time machine is still stuck in the 80’s at the advanced hypnosis seminar.

In this 12 minute clip from the seminar you will see how to use arm levitation and a handshake as a hypnotic induction.

People always ask me to demonstrate the famous Milton Erickson Handshake induction and what the secret is…

Then I demonstrate the importance of speaking in a rhythm and how to use this powerful skill.

If you have ever watched an Evangelist on the T.V. then you have seen this skill in action.

Ohh yeah and by the way, the secret to the Handshake Induction is to just do it. Get over your fears…

Once you do that, you will see how easy it is to master it!


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