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Hi Persuader,

I’d like to tell you a story about a student of mine who has experienced something magical as a result of the things he’s learning in this course. I know, I know, this might seem kind of self serving, but I’m going to give you the key to his success for free.

This student is doing quite well financially, he is healthy, on the young side, mid to late thirties, he’s got a nice house which is almost paid for, no other debt, a beautiful car, and he’s a good looking guy. The one thing he felt he was missing was a really happy, reciprocal, committed relationship.

I suppose this falls under the ‘seduction/attraction’ heading and yet, it is pure persuasion and can be applied to any facet of life.

Here was his problem: he wasn’t good at saying what he wanted, only what he didn’t want in a mate. Can you see the inherent problem with this? Well, there are a few problems with this, but the main one is, he was operating out of a negative space and not coming from the pure, positive place of being in dominion.

“I don’t want another person who’s primarily looking for someone with money. I don’t want children, so the woman I’m looking for doesn’t want them either. I don’t want someone who’s going to cheat on me. I don’t want this, I don’t want that. . . ‘

You get the point.

The second biggest problem with this is that there was a vagueness and formlessness to the type of person he was looking for.

The strange thing is, he didn’t do this with his work life or in his relationships with friends and family, he was just stuck with this one aspect and the more ‘stuck’ he felt, the more frustrated he became thereby causing a chain reaction. . .

So what did he do? Well, as a result of the Universe System, which I go through with all my beginning (and advanced students ongoing), he mapped out exactly what it is that he wanted in a woman. I suggested he make an exhaustive list of all the things he wanted and to keep it in a positive light.

His list included things like, ‘I am in a committed, monogamous relationship with a spiritual, intelligent, funny woman around my same age who is healthy, happily without children, wants to travel, and loves what she does for a living.”

It went on and on and was as detailed as he could make it.

I’m happy to say that as a result of this list making (and with the help of one of those online dating services where he very specifically outlined his wants and desires), my student has found the woman of his dreams and is planning to ask her to marry him. I couldn’t be happier for him.

Of course, there’s the in between part between meeting someone and falling in love and getting married, which also include aspects of persuasion (such as creating rapport, mirroring and matching, et cetera), but the first step is to be very specific and send out into the universe exactly what you want.

This holds true for every single aspect of your life. So get out there and make some lists and make them as detailed as possible, to attract whatever it is you want into your life.

Until Next Time,

Kenrick E. Cleveland

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