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"Many other sales trains share various factors affecting the sale and how to approach people, but Kenrick is the only one I have found so far that puts it all together in a way that makes sense. His approach is friendly and even the most shy, sales adverse person can succeed using his persuasion principals."
John G.
Las Vegas - Consultant

"Kenrick, I find what separates you from the other persuasion authors is that you know how to teach it to people better than anybody out there on the market. You have a natural way of being able to communicate this powerful material so it is easily understood and can be implemented immediately. No one else does teaches it as easily as you do!"
Tyrone M
Charlotte, NC - Debt Collector

"Hi Kenrick I'm working with sales and salestraining. I'm a NLP Master Practitioner and I'm impressed of the how you have packaged all the useful tool that you give us. It speeds up the learning process very much."
Stockholm, Sweden - Business Developer

"Nobody knows more about money making persuasion than Kenrick Cleveland!"
John L.
Dunedin, FL - Finance

"I've learned so much from the little amount of material I have received so far. You make it so simple..."
Calhoun, Georgia - Data Entry

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