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"As I sit here, thinking about Kenricks information, letting my thoughts go , I'm reminded of how this information has changed my life for the better. Thank you Kenrick..."
Auckland, New Zealand - Telephone Sales

"Kenrick, your programs and teachings have been key in my success as an executive recruiter both inside Fortune 500 companies and in consulting. They have enabled me to grow both personally and professionally and I want to thank you again for all that you've done for me."
Tyrone M
Charlotte, NC - Debt Collector

"Hi, Kenrick, Unbelievable Results! 13 teenage girls, parents, fans, referees, school administrators, etc...ALL handled with ease thanks to the skills that I learned from you. Plus, my self employed business rocks! What a tremendous set of skills that can be used in any area of life from sales to high school girls basketball coaching. I'm proud to say, that because of you, Kenrick, I was able accomplish in 1 season that everyone said would take 3! You ROCK!"
Jill B.
Health Insurance Sales & High School Basketball Coach

"Lots of people talk about NLP. Few really know how to use it. Fewer still can teach it to others so they can actually use it. Kenrick Cleveland can. His principles have been useful in helping me improve advertising results. As I'm sure you must naturally imagine, I'm confident using his principles can do the same for you."
Jim A.
Salt Lake City, Utah - Marketing & Advertising

"Kenrick is in a league of his own."
New York, New York - Sales

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