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"Wow!! You continually INCREASE our AWARENESS of how WE can more effectively help our clients increase their effectiveness which raises our LIFE TO NEW LEVELS!! THANK YOU! APPRECIATE YOU!!"
Copelen B.
Fort Lauderdale, Florida - Leadership Consulting

"Kenrick, Your techniques have allowed me to nearly double income by finding out what people's criteria for career change is and then giving them the career opportunity that satisfies their criteria."
Gary W.
Atlanta, GA - Executive Recruiting

"Kenrick is bar none the top persuasion expert in the field. He is one of the few in the NLP / hypnotic influence fields that is actually pushing the boundaries & breaking new ground... While the rest STILL continue to recycle decade old material. If he keeps up his innovative attitudes, his contributions to NLP will be larger than Bandler & Grinder themselves. The only problem with Kenrick Cleveland is the fact that he is one lone man - and cannot therefore create enough content to possibly disseminate all the wisdom & tactical know-how possessed within his cranium..."
Marshall H.
Los Angeles, CA - Marketing Consulting

"You training took the blinders off. It made me understand that there is truly a blueprint for persuasion. And that Kenrick is the developer of this blueprint..."
Tom "Magic Man" Kozlowski
Cherry Hill, NJ - Business Development

"Kenrick is the master of persuasion...all other notables learned their techniques from him!! His techniques are also ethical, but very powerful and convert you into a master communicator with others."
George S.
New York, NY - Program Management

"Using Kenrick's teachings I have cut my consultation time in half, sometimes even more. I know what my prospects need and how to move them along in the sales process."
Ben W.
Atlanta, GA - Insurance

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