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"I love the concise, direct, no-nonsense way that Kenrick relates these fantastic techniques. I am still a beginner but I can 'sense' the awesome power of this skill set."
Phil R.
Manchester, England U.K. - Sales

"I have been following Kenrick Cleveland for many years. His knowledge and information has always been state-of-art and bleeding edge--not recycled hash sometimes found elsewhere. Also, his emphasis on credibility and integrity, sorely lacking in many other approaches, makes him my sole-source for persuasion knowledge."
Chicago, IL - Real Estate Development & General Construction

"It will improve my quality of life, by being more abundant and more affluent in every areas of it."
Michel M.
London, UK - Sales

"I have read a many great books, watched incredible dvds and attended excellent seminars on persuasion and yet there was always a missing piece, a key-stone so to speak, that brings all the concepts together. Now I smile on the inside when applying Kenrick's strategies because they work so effortlessly and I think to myself I wish I knew this stuff a long time ago. Many profound ways to deepen relationships - business and personal. Never again will I be at disadvantage in a persuasion situation. Thanks Kenrick."
Huntington Beach, CA - Real Estate Sales

"Kenrick Cleveland teaches you some of the MOST POWERFUL Skills to help yourself and to help others--using words and your intention and so much more!"
Michael T.
Staten Island, NY
Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy/NLP & Lifestyle Advisor/Success Coach

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