The Fundamentals of Forgiveness: Clearing Your Unconscious To Lead A Happy Life

“Forgiveness means that you do not hold others responsible for your experiences.” ~Gary Zukav

Hi Persuader,

What do you have in your attic (or basement)? Old clothes that don’t fit anymore? Paperwork that you’ll never need? The children’s old toys that they don’t care about anymore, but to which you have a sentimental attachment? Maybe boxes and boxes of things that belonged to a deceased relative that you do not need?

Maybe these things are holding you back, maybe they’re not. They are certainly weighing you down, if not physically, perhaps psychologically. But unless you have a problem with ‘collecting’ or being a pack rat, then the stuff in your attic might not be that big a deal.

Now I’d like you to think of the things that you’re storing in your mind. Sure, there are some great memories of weddings and births, successes and the pleasures of life. There are even some sad thoughts, which are absolutely necessary to create a complete life, the ups the downs, the ebb and flow, the yin and yang. There’s knowledge up there, and appreciation of beauty, and ability – the ability to persuade, the ability to change the oil in your car, the ability to build a campfire or make your grandmother’s secret soup recipe.

But there’s some stuff in there that needs to be disposed of and in an upcoming article (“Cleaning Out The Trash”) I’m going to to give you the specific steps on how to shed some of that resentment and bitterness.

The short answer is forgiveness.

The purpose of forgiveness is not to benefit the other person that you’re forgiving (though it probably will). The purpose of forgiveness is is not to make you a better person (though it probably will). And the purpose of forgiveness is not to make you right with God (though if you believe that it will, it probably will help).

The purpose of forgiveness is to clear out what is holding you back from achieving your dreams. To clear out that part in your unconscious mind that is constantly pulling and dragging that negativity from you.

The Bible says, ‘By beholding we become changed.’

What does that mean? It means you become more like what you focus on. Are you focusing on the greats of business and money creation? If you’re not, what are you focusing on? Are you focusing on your day-to-day drudgery? What is that going to cause you? More day-to-day drudgery.

If we’re focused on bitterness and challenges and lessons hurt, then a part of us is, all day, every day, bringing a piece of that to our lives over and over. I believe that one of the greatest reasons we are here on planet earth is to learn to understand that we’re here to be able to manifest anything we want.

Let’s divide up our unconscious mind into sections and let’s say that we can lump all of our troubles, our problems, our bitterness, our resentments, all into one area of our unconscious. For sake of argument, let’s say we’ve done that now.

How much of our unconscious mind is tied up with that garbage?

If we took all of this anger and bitterness and we assigned it a value in our unconscious mind… Well like, let’s say that there is 5% down in there somewhere, even 1%. How would that affect you? It’s like Chinese water torture. It’s a drip, drip, drip, pain, pain, pain, agony, agony, constant problems dripping, dripping, never stopping. If we could somehow root that out, get rid of it, and instead, focus on our universes, what would our life become?

The process of forgiveness is how to clear that out. You’ll understand this more clearly when we continue that discussion in two days.

Until then, think about the fundamentals of forgiveness… How do you think they affect your ability to persuade?

Kenrick E. Cleveland

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Bill - July 30, 2007

Wow are you funny…you take us to some strange and wonderful places sometimes.
and thank you for doing so.

Mark Alan Effinger - July 30, 2007

Kenrick, phenomenal post.

I’ve been receiving your emails for more than a year now… maybe three, I forget.

There are always nuggets of value in them, so I’ve never elected to opt-out.

Then you zing us with a good one… straight to the heart of the matter.

I was just having this dialog with an associate this morning. Perfect timing.

Keep ’em coming. And thanks for the nuggets.

Best of success,
Mark Alan Effinger

Ali - July 30, 2007

Hi Respected Kenrick I just wanna say that your posts are amazing & so true thanks a zillion for sharing ur precious knowledge………..smiles & cheers……………..Ali (India). & yeah I m doing great in insurace sales with ur guidance!!!!!!!

Ali - July 30, 2007

Also as a return for all ur favours & help If u r organizing any program in India (Mumbai) anytime lemme know & I will be more than glad to help u ……smiles & cheers….Ali!!!

Jeff Skorheim - July 31, 2007

Kenrick, it`s amazing what people will let happen to theirself just to get another breath of fresh air in to their lungs and be so imersed in the everyday life scenerios not to even STOP and question on whose authority “who I am and why me?”

Patricia Winston - July 31, 2007

Doing the Shadow work – cleaning the attic and the basement – great metaphors – leading to brilliance of present moment mind in action. Great piece!

Javier Rivera - July 31, 2007

Wao!!! I needed this!!1

Ramin - September 8, 2007


I just recently discovered you and am so glad I did. You’re an inspiration.
Thanks for everything you share with us!

Enjoy life fully,

Norman Parsson - December 12, 2008

What about when you yourself have done great wrong to others but never cleared it up or admitted it or truly made amends?

Isn’t that the other side of forgiveness? When you take the full responsibility, admit it without rationalizing it in any way, make amends even if it is scary or painful?

It seems that this would unconsciously convince yourself that true abundance is possible if you weren’t afraid to pay up the piper for what you’ve done in your past.

I don’t get it…



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