The Gray Areas

Time stays long enough for anyone who will use it.” –Leonardo Da Vinci

Hi Persuader,

Rapport is all about blending, becoming one with our prospect or client, blurring the lines between us and them. If it’s ‘us and them’, we’re seeing a difference. If it’s right or wrong, black or white, up or down, there is a chasm that we need to overcome. We want to eliminate the difference between ourselves and our prospects. You want to blur those lines every which way such that they think they’re you. Not so much you think that you are them, although you will, but that they think they are you.

How do we do that? Here’s an example: if I were with you and I moved like you move, then what am I doing? I’m eliminating the differences and that’s the goal of this whole thing.

The important thing to remember here is that you have to keep your intention intact. You have an outcome driven by your intention of getting the sale. Once that is set, then you go about eliminating the differences so you become like them.

Rapport is an altered state. In this altered state, time distorts and you can enter their reality and bring them to your desired outcome. And you can work with the person as one instead of in addition to them. In other words, you and the person become one.

From this altered state of rapport you can slow down the perceptions of your experience of time. In so doing, you can see more, you can hear more and experience more and this opens the persuasion field giving you more options and control.

Specifically, you can narrow your focus. Instead of taking in the world around you, narrow your focus to something like the rate and depth of their breathing or the colors in their face and how they change, you can also imagine that you are speeding up very considerably and they are slowing down. This is a mental thing so you just need to imagine it. Imagine that your vibration rate is speeding up and that they are slowing down. It’s amazing.

Another way to do this is to imagine that time is distorting and giving you tons of time in which to make the sale.

You can look to baseball for an example. The batter imagines that they are so speeded up that when that ball comes, they just see it slowly arching towards them with all the time in the world to swing. They make the ball very big in their mind. They distort a number of visual characteristics so that they can do this.

You can watch and listen to them, to your prospect, far more intently than you are used to doing. All of these things will create this altered state, it will slow down the perception of the experience of time, and it will give you a ton more room in which to persuade.

Until Next Time,

Kenrick E. Cleveland

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Jennifer - September 8, 2008

What you’re referring to here also give the other person the impression that they have your undivided attention, something rarely felt in these times.
The only caveat I’d like to add is to remember to *maintain your own integrity* in this process – you’ve mentioned the importance of integrity in quite a few of your posts.
Allow them to be who they are and you who you are, while retaining that intention of finding something in common and some point of pain that you can genuinely solve.


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