The Power is in the Presentation

Hi Persuader,

I want to just mention this basic truism of persuasion: the power is in the presentation. The power is not in the closing.

When I was a young man, I had been in sales for a couple of years and I was excelling quickly so they made me a closer. I would be the guy that when the sales person was missing his or her mark, I would come in and try to still get the sale.

I was good at it. I did really well. But after a couple of months of doing this, I began to see some patterns emerge. It was funny because each of the people that worked for me at the time, I could tell exactly where I would have to shore up their presentation in order to close the deal because I knew what they weren’t doing well.

Further, it seemed like the same people had the same patterns and I always felt, back then, that if they would just do a better job in presenting, my job would be really easy. In fact, I probably wouldn’t be needed nearly as much, if at all.

Most of the time I was able to turn it around; sometimes I couldn’t. The bottom line is, that the power of every single sale is in the presentation, not in your ability to argue or close.

My Magical Objection Mastery series, the 24 doorways into a person’s mind, enables you to persuade before the objections come with huge success in overcoming the objections that will inevitably come up in a person’s mind. Knowing how to do that kind of framing and reframing is incredibly important and there’s nothing finer in my opinion than the Magical Objection Mastery program.

There are some incredibly important characteristics of having really convinced someone. If you’ve done that, closing in the typical sense isn’t really necessary anyway.

Imagine just for a moment that you bought something that you were really happy with and the product or service worked well for you. Identify this in your mind. One you have done this, I want you to go through this list. Did you feel trust towards the person? Are you aware now as you think back about it that you didn’t have much doubt at least about the person? Did you feel an urgency to get what they were trying to sell you?

You probably had a desire for it. I’ll bet you saw the value in the product and you were visualizing owning it and benefiting from it. Buying it was relatively easy.

Now imagine for a moment that you did that and then the person started doing some kind of old fashioned closing techniques. They said, “If I can show you a way to get this and save time, energy and money, I’m sure you would be interested in doing that now wouldn’t you?”

As you hear that statement and you’re contrasting it with the good feelings you had at that time, I’ll bet you that kind of statement doesn’t sit well with you. In fact, it’d feel pretty funny if someone tried to do it to you.

If you’ve been persuasive in what you’ve presented, if you’ve been careful to observe whether or not your prospect is with you the whole way, agreeing with you, if you’ve been continuously linking to their values and more then getting the sale will be really easy.

Until Next Time,

Kenrick E. Cleveland

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Brandon - December 29, 2008

Nice Post Kenrick. The Magical Objection Mastery series looks great. Hoping to check it out

Marc - December 30, 2008

[quote comment=""]Nice Post Kenrick. The Magical Objection Mastery series looks great. Hoping to check it out[/quote]

MAO is definitely Kenrick’s best course. I’ve probably listened to it 20 times. Well worth every penny he asks and then some. And no this is NOT Kenrick.


Chong Xin Yun Seth - January 2, 2009

Kenrick over-delivers over and over again.

In the beginning, I didn’t trust him or his products because of all these ideas about ‘persuasion.’

You had to ‘persuade’ someone into your own view.

But that’s not the case.

Because what Kenrick teaches is how to help others get more of what gives them value in their lives.

There’s a big difference.

And Kenrick’s the only one who had successfully conveyed that to me. No one else.


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