The Power of Persuasion – Obama vs. Clinton

Hi Persuaders,

I’m sitting in a hotel room doing some research when I happened upon an article on politics. And while I typically am not all that interested in the Democratic party, this race has been different.

As I read it, I began to think of some things that I believe to be true (whether I like it or not). Here they are in no particular order.

The people in the United States are rather fed up with Republicans and with the way they are running things. (In my opinion this is too bad as I’ve always leaned toward that side – Libertarian actually.).

Whom ever wins the Democratic nomination will most likely become the next President of the United States.

Persuasion matters! Whom ever uses it the best will easily catapult above the other.

And in terms of persuasion, Obama wins hands down over Clinton.

If you want to watch powerful persuasion positioning, just watch what Obama is doing.

So do I believe he’ll be the next President? If I had to make my answer based on persuasion skill, it would be yes, overwhelmingly. I believe he will defeat Hillary and between Obama and McCain, Obama should handily win.

The “tax and spend” policies of the far left my haunt us for many years to come, but they can’t be worse than we’ve had with Bush at the helm. LOL

Of course, the real deal is also available. A politician with honor and integrity (believe it or not) and his name is Ron Paul. Unfortunately, from what I’ve seen, he believes that simply asserting the right position will make him win. He could benefit from some persuasion coaching but his message is amazing. But without real persuasion skills, I fear it is lost on the world. Not to mention that when millions of people have their collective hands out, they may well opt for the tax and spend left.

Ok, if you’d like to see what I read that started all this in my mind, here you go.


Let me know your thoughts.


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Matt - February 24, 2008

Yes, Ron Paul is the only guy I would really trust. He definitely needs more Persuasion skills.


David - February 27, 2008

I has been remarkable to witness how many people have been woken up WRT their political philosophy by the good Dr. Paul. More people are thinking about “does it really have to be this way” and “does the Constitution really matter in the everyday life of our nation. Oh, to have Obama’s persuasion skills with the message of Ron Paul combined in one person…. truly we may have a hope again for this United States.

Thanks for pricking up my ears to the tools of persuasion in the political world.

Brandon - December 29, 2008

GREAT Prediction… and VERY early in retrospect!


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