The Price Goes Up Today

Hello Persuader,

For those of you who can’t resist waiting until the last minute,it’s

In less than 24 hours, the price goes up for my Unconscious
Persuasion seminar.

People ask me, “Is this seminar going to change the way I

The answer is, darn straight it is.

You will find yourself never having to close a client.

You will find yourself literally able to read your clients’ minds.

Want to know someones criteria? Don’t ask them. Do what I’ll demonstrate

If someone has dysfunctional criteria – don’t talk them them about it.
Change them without their ever being aware of it.

Look, I could go on and on.

The Power Package is a substantial upgrade from the old version of
Unconscious Persuasion.

You can either come to the seminar (recommended) or get the DVDs at the
same low price.

BUT, let me be perfectly clear – even though you’re going to be at a hotel
on the beach.

Even though the weather is going to be gorgeous –

I’m going to insist you put your new ninja skills to the test during the

We’re even going to film select interactions so we can comment on them –

It’s never been done before.

Get the details here:

Do not miss it.

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